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Monday, May 31, 2010

Letter 5-31-10

(This is Elder Robertson's brother, Colton, who is now awaiting his mission call!)

Colt- I can't believe that your mission papers are in! You'll have your call sooner than you know it! I'm proud of you and can't wait to hear where you are going to Serve the Lord! I've been thinking about where you are going and at the end of this letter you'll will know my "guesses." I bet your talk was great. You need to send it in an email or letter to me so I can read it. That's awesome that you are going to work. Are you also working for people in the ward? ha ha fatty Colt- eating Cici's Pizza and I'm eating pigs feet- ha ha ha!! Love you bro! Felicidades!

Mom- I can't believe that Colt's call is already on it's way. That is so cool!! Yes, call Presidente & Sister Hansen and they will call me. I spoke with Sister Hansen and she was happy to hear about Colton's call. Wednesday was so incredibly awesome. It was great to see all of my District and all the Missionaries that are serving. President Hansen talked about how to contact people in the street and then spoke to the missionaries that are going to the Villahermosa Mission. I was so happy to receive a package from Alayna in Reno! Made my whole day. Let Aunt Cari know that I did not receive her package. I'm sure it will be here at the next conference. No worries. I'm still companions with Elder Gil. He is awesome and continues to teach me so much. I'm so thankful for him and his example to me. I love you Mom.

Ha ha Dad! There were Elders in my zone in the MTC that were going to San Diego! That would be awesome if Colton was called to serve there. I'll bet you are way excited to have 2 sons Serving the Lord! Of course nobody was shocked to hear that you were called as a Counselor in the Stake Young Mens... that's like people being shocked that LeBron James dunked it! ha ha! You'll do great. Man, I can't wait to hear about Colton!! Everything will be great! Love you Dad.

Hey Tan Man- I'm great! That's awesome you are starting basketball camp this week. You will do great and you will be able to dunk it! That's cool that you are working so hard dumping concrete. Yeah, I have been bit by a dog... that's it! ha ha! Do you know what real taco's are?!? You're not cool until you have eaten pigs feet and pig skin! Love you bro!

Ha ha Cassidy- That's what you get for picking on Cool-ton! ha ha! You'll be fine... buck up! I hope you're doing great. Love you sis.

Ha ha Tyler- You have summer pride (football camp). That's cool that you are working so hard. Keep up the good work and the blessings will come in many ways. Love you bro. And get a sack (football) for your big brother.

Ok... my guess for Colton is... Honduras or Mexico and for stateside... Washington Spanish Speaking. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will be sent to serve where the Lord wants you to serve.

I will send you pictures next P-Day. Love you all. The church is true!
Con mucho amor-
Elder Robertson

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