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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Phone Call

Elder Robertson asked us to call him on Monday at 6pm for our Mother's Day phone call. Well... Oklahoma was being hammered with tornados, hail and storms that late afternoon. My husband & children were stuck at the High School in the storm shelter and the Fire Department would not let anyone leave. At one point I wondered if I would even be able to call or if I'd be the only calling. There was a happy ending... everyone walked in the door at 5:45pm and we called Mexico as a family. Below are a few things we learned from our conversation with Elder Robertson and also Elder Gil. Oh, and Elder Robertson was thrilled to hear that Tanner made the basketball team!

Elder Robertson said there would be a Mission Conference on May 26th. He was looking forward to that. Elder Robertson was happy to announce that he will be staying in the Veracruz Mission with President Hansen. They are splitting the mission.

Cereal for breakfast. The biggest meal of the day is lunch time and it is always at 2:00 pm. They are fed by ward members at this time. They are on their own for dinner.

When asked what he'd like sent to him in a package... sunflower seeds! LOL! He also asked for jolly ranchers and gum for the children. He mentioned they also buy oreos for the kids as they love them.

The whole family spoke to Elder Gil! He said, "Hola! Como Estas? Elder Robertson is doing good. He is great missionary. We love the Lord and serve Him. We love missionary work." Then Elder Gil told me, "Love you Sister." My heart is so full of love and admiration for that young man. What an example he is to all. Elder Robertson mentioned that Elder Gil leads the mission with 120 baptisms. Elder Robertson has 7 baptisms and from what we understand 2 more on Saturday. Elder Gil is returning home in August and has a brother serving in the Monterey Mexico Mission.

Cassidy asked Elder Robertson to say something in spanish. He invited us to baptism in spanish and also bore his testimony in spanish. It sounded good! It was also interesting to hear that he has developed a little native accent! (we laughed)

The most interesting thing he's eaten: corn on the cob, mayonnaise (instead of butter), parmesan cheese and valentina sauce on top.

He eats a lot of fruit and loves it. Loves fruit smoothies also and stated that they watch to make sure they make it with bottled water.

Mentioned the family they just baptized. And how he was looking forward to witness their sealing in the Temple in a year. That is very special to him. He also mentioned how happy he was that the boy he baptized (his 1st baptism) received the Aaronic Priesthood.

Elder Robertson sends his love to everyone and says, "Please keep writing me!" He is looking forward to hearing where Colton (his brother) will be serving his mission.

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