Veracruz Mexico Time

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 27, 2010- "Hurricane clean up"

Hey Family-

I'm great! My transfer was great! It was long. First we had to leave at 6 from Martinex de la torre then we made the 4 hour bus ride to Veracruz. This is where we met our companions. Yes, there is usually a person in your zone that travels to the same place as you. My companion is really cool! He is from Acapulco and he plays basketball. Hard to believe this... but he is a little taller than me! He reminds me of Tyler a lot. haha- he is way funny! My new ward is different but I really like all of them. I have an area of like 6x6 blocks. Really, really small. It is way different after coming from a huge area to the smallest area in the mission, but we have baptism dates so that is all that matters. I will send you pictures next week of my new companion and I.

This area didn't really get hit bad by the hurricane. We actually went with President and Sister Hansen to a place called Cardel- which really was destroyed. We were in Cardel for half a day on Saturday with a bunch of members of the church helping. We moved trees, dirt, house, everything that you can think of. I felt so sad for all the people that were there. They had water lines above the door. That is how high the water was. It was awesome to be able to help in the clean up efforts.

Tell Tyler that I loved his talk! I'm so glad you sent that to me. I will tell President and Sister Hansen that they were mentioned in the talk. No way... I can't believe that they (Tylers football team) lost by 1 point. That is so weak. It sounds like it was a great game & the boys they played are big farm boys too. Tell Tanner good luck in his game and that I'll be thinking about him. Tell Colton to listen good to Brother Widdison. It sounds like that will be a great FHE! Tell Cassidy to get well soon. Love you mom & dad. Have a great week and enjoy Conference. It is a blessing to hear from our Prophet and leaders of the church. The church is true.

con mucho amor-
Elder Robertson

Hey Grandma & Grandpa-

This week in Veracruz was really cool. Yes, it is way different because my area here is literally 10x's smaller than Teziutlan. We have an area of 6x6 blocks and that's all that we have. Not a lot of success here before. We found 2 new investigators. The people are really nice. I will actually be in the chapel next to the Temple during the conferences. That's great that you are doing missionary work grandma. You will get this awesome feeling inside when you are doing the Lord's work. Well, I hope you enjoy conference and I will be thinking about all of you.

Elder Robertson

Monday, September 20, 2010

Letter 09-20-10 "Your Testimony is the Greatest Gift You Have"

Elder Robertson by a cave!
Elder Robertson on P-Day Hike today wearing his beloved "Texas" shirt.

Hey Mom- That picture is of us and a member in our ward. He loves the missionaries and loves being with us. No, I don't have a fat lip. I don't know why my lip looks swollen- hahaha! Everything was good during the storm. We didn't really need to help anybody because it didn't really hit bad where I am. I heard Veracruz was torn up. But I really don't know much about it. And yes, we had what we needed. All is good here in Teziutlan. Actually, today is my last day in Teziutlan. I'll tell you all where I've been transfered at the end of this letter. All is well, the gospel is true and it's being spread throughout the world. What a wonderful blessing that is. Love you mom

Hey Colt- just take some medicine and you'll be fine. Allergies in Oklahoma are the worst. That's cool that you are learning all the phrases and are studying it everyday. I know that it's hard to study everyday... but it helps a lot. Everything is good with me. I'm just getting ready for my transfer. I'm pretty excited about this one. Not a lot of problems here... people just tell me that they don't want to listen or don't have time to listen. People try to Bible bash us, but when they hear our testimonies of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then they don't know what to do. Your testimony is by far the greatest gift that you have. Use it everyday of your mission. No, nobody has even tried to hit or spit on me yet... but it's really because I'm like 2 of them-haha! Love you bro

Hey Dad- Sounds like Tanner did great! Is he really playing all those positions? That's awesome if he is. Tyler will win! Just make sure that he gets way pumped up for the game against Lawton. Colton is doing great. He is studying and he knows what to do. He knows who he needs to be and how to present himself. he is going to be a super missionary. I love my Patriarchal Blessing. I read it every Sunday and think about the words that it says. Thanks for the advice dad. I know I am the difference maker. Thanks for everything. Love you

Hey Ty- hahaha!! You just took out their best running back! That is awesome! We didn't really do anything during the hurricane. Just read and studied. The hurricane was pretty weak where I was. Thanks for the pictures of the stadium & field house. Sweet- you are way lucky! Love you bro

Hey Cass- I'm good! I'm just getting ready for my transfer. The hurricane was weak here but in the port I guess it was pretty crazy. I leave for my new area tomorrow. Thanks for your support sis. I love you

Dang Tanner! You guys are rocking it up! First game at home- just remember to knock someone on their butt for your brother in Mexico! Enjoy your week. Love you bro

Okay family! I know you've have been waiting for this! I am being transferred to..........................
Veracruz Sur- with Elder Matadama!! The chapel is right by the Temple. So, I'm pretty excited about the change! Love you all! Have a great week and know that I love you. The church is true.

con mucho amor-
Elder Robertson

Friday, September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010- Hurricane Karl

Hurricane Karl- picture taken from yahoo news
A woman so devastated after the storm- picture from yahoo news
Couple walks through a flooded street -picture taken from yahoo news

Hi Everyone! I just received a quick email from Elder Robertson. President Hansen wanted them to contact family & let everyone know they were okay. They are just "chilling" while the storm passes. Obviously they are not able to work in it right now. They are playing UNO with their district. Elder Robertson also wished his brother, Tyler, good luck at his football game tonight. What a brother! What he doesn't know is I just watched his brother on TV sack the QB- that was for you Elder Robertson!

At this time, we are all sending positive thoughts and lots of prayers to our Missionaries and the wonderful people of Mexico. As my niece Lindsey told me, "Aunt Christy- they are under the best protection possible right now." She is right. But the mom in me always worries.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Letter September 13, 2010- "I love my family!"

Hey Colt- Isn't the Temple amazing?!? I love going to the Temple. I can't wait to go through with you after your mission. You are so close to being in the mission field. I am excited for you! Oh... and I have that exact same tie you wore to the Temple. Alayna Tovar sent it to me. That is so cool! Don't trade that tie with anyone! Hey, spanish is spanish and we will be able to understand each other. Keep up the good work and go to the Temple as much as possible. You look like a missionary in the pictures mom sent me. I loved them!! Everything is good in Mexico. We found a family and we are going to baptize them either this week or next week. I am so excited!! Love you bro

Hey Mom- Wow! Just a little more time and you'll have two sons in the mission field. How great a blessing to have two sons serving and doing the Lord's work. I'll bet the Temple was great. I wish I could've been there with everybody. And also for Tyler's Patriarchal blessing too. How cool. So glad to hear Tyler was a captain at this last football game and that they won! Please film one game so I can watch it when I get home. Hey mom- glad you're feeling better. Just be careful with all that medication. Mexico is great. Transfers will be coming up shortly and I will find out if I go and where I will be going. Love you Mom

Hey Grandpa & Grandma R. - Thanks for everything that you do for me and my family. I'll bet the Temple was amazing. That is so cool to have your grandparents go with you through the Temple. I loved having both sets of grandparents with me. Glad to hear that you both are doing well. Love you- Elder Robertson

Hey Auntie Eileen- Thanks for the advice! I love my mission and I am having great success! I love being a missionary and serving the Lord. The only bad part of the mission is that it goes by way too fast. I don't want it to end. Love you- Elder Robertson

Hey Dilla- I'm good! I'm doing the same thing everyday and loving it! That's awesome that you have 100% attendance in seminary. Seminary is a great way to start your day. It is a blessing. Glad you're doing good in school. You seem happier. I'm proud of you. Always read your scriptures and pray daily sis. Love you sis

Wow Dad- All those people went to the Temple with Colton. We have a great ward family and family. Soon enough you will have two sons in the mission. How does it feel to have two sons almost out in the field? I'll be you feel great because I feel awesome about it! That's cool that Ty was a captain! Thanks for everything dad. Your support and love are greatly appreciated.
Love, your son

Hey Tan- Thanks for the Texas schedule. Can't wait for them to beat Oklahoma again this year. How did your game go? I'm great. Just getting ready for changes and finding people to teach. How do you like seminary? What are you guys studying this year? That's awesome that you have 100% attendance. Keep it up bud. Love you bro

Hey Ty- Sounds like you had another great game. My week was great. We found some people that accepted their baptism dates. Man, film one of your games! I want to watch when I get back. So happy to hear that you received your Patriarchal Blessing. Awesome! Love you bro- keep knocking people down! haha!

I loved ALL the pictures! Tanner is huge- no way! And Colton looks like a missionary. Cassidy is all grown up. Tyler is huge, but that's normal hahaha! And mom and dad- you look happier than I've ever seen you! I am a happy missionary knowing my family is doing so well. I love the Lord. I love doing His work. And I love the people of Mexico. The church is true. Have a great week.

con amor-
Elder Robertson

Monday, September 6, 2010

Letter September 6, 2010

Hey Mom- sounds like last week was a blast. I am so proud of Tyler. He is going to do so good this season in football. Everything here is good. Hope that you feel better and ask dad to give you a blessing. Regarding the picture of Elder Meza and I with the wood- haha... yeah I carried it most of the time and he just was carrying it because I wanted to take a picture! I don't have my camera with me today because I'm in martinez de la torre. I will try to get pictures to you next week. Feel better mom. Love Elder Robertson

Hey Cass- That's great that you love school. Yes! I helped Elder Meza carry the wood! haha! We play soccer almost every p-day and I was goalie and when I ran for the ball everybody gets afraid of me and runs away. It's pretty funny! haha! Love you Sis

Hey Colt- That's awesome that you got your Temple Recommend. Go tot he Temple as much as you can before you go to the MTC. My companion is doing great. We are one heck of a team. Yeah, Mexico is great and I'm just getting ready to leave but I got to fill up the tank here first before I leave. That's awesome that Ryan is already in the mission field. The first week is always weird but only because you don't know the language. But after that first month... you start to recognize words and putting things together. Hope you have a great time at the Temple. Give everyone hugs for me. I will be thinking about all of you on Saturday. Love you bro

Hey Tyler- Holy Moly!! An interception!! That is so incredibly awesome!! How far did you get before you got tackled? I was so shocked to hear that you got an interception! That's awesome man! Sounds like you had a heck of a game... QB sacks and tackles! You were on fire! So your offense needs some help... that stinks. My week was great but not as great as your week! That's so cool bro. Keep it up and just keep putting people on their backs like the movie... Remember the Titans. Love you bro

Hey Dad- That is awesome that you have no voice! It sounds like the game was just awesome! I love the talk you gave Ty before the game. I would've been so pumped up if you would've said that to me. haha Tyler got a penalty for roughing the passer! That's so awesome though! I wish I could've seen him just lay out that baby! haha! That's awesome you have sons that everybody looks up to. And it's because we have a dad that we looked up to and we followed. I am thankful for you & mom. Without you both... I would not be who I am today. I'll be the difference maker just like you said. And I will be baptizing and bring more people to the truthfulness of this gospel. I am truly a leader and everybody in this zone looks up to me. Thanks for everything dad. Love your son, Elder Robertson

Hey Tanner-Hey dude... just give it some time and start knocking kids down and don't hesitate because if you hesitate they will think you're scared. Love you bro. And that is GREAT that Manu saved the BYU game! He always does that. Just keep me updated on Texas. Thanks bro. Keep up the great work and you will receive the blessings from it. Love you- Elder Robertson

I love this work and I'm so glad that I chose to give my two little years to serve as a representative of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Have a wonderful week and know that I will be thinking of all of you as you are in the Temple.

con mucho amor- Elder Robertson