Veracruz Mexico Time

Monday, September 20, 2010

Letter 09-20-10 "Your Testimony is the Greatest Gift You Have"

Elder Robertson by a cave!
Elder Robertson on P-Day Hike today wearing his beloved "Texas" shirt.

Hey Mom- That picture is of us and a member in our ward. He loves the missionaries and loves being with us. No, I don't have a fat lip. I don't know why my lip looks swollen- hahaha! Everything was good during the storm. We didn't really need to help anybody because it didn't really hit bad where I am. I heard Veracruz was torn up. But I really don't know much about it. And yes, we had what we needed. All is good here in Teziutlan. Actually, today is my last day in Teziutlan. I'll tell you all where I've been transfered at the end of this letter. All is well, the gospel is true and it's being spread throughout the world. What a wonderful blessing that is. Love you mom

Hey Colt- just take some medicine and you'll be fine. Allergies in Oklahoma are the worst. That's cool that you are learning all the phrases and are studying it everyday. I know that it's hard to study everyday... but it helps a lot. Everything is good with me. I'm just getting ready for my transfer. I'm pretty excited about this one. Not a lot of problems here... people just tell me that they don't want to listen or don't have time to listen. People try to Bible bash us, but when they hear our testimonies of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then they don't know what to do. Your testimony is by far the greatest gift that you have. Use it everyday of your mission. No, nobody has even tried to hit or spit on me yet... but it's really because I'm like 2 of them-haha! Love you bro

Hey Dad- Sounds like Tanner did great! Is he really playing all those positions? That's awesome if he is. Tyler will win! Just make sure that he gets way pumped up for the game against Lawton. Colton is doing great. He is studying and he knows what to do. He knows who he needs to be and how to present himself. he is going to be a super missionary. I love my Patriarchal Blessing. I read it every Sunday and think about the words that it says. Thanks for the advice dad. I know I am the difference maker. Thanks for everything. Love you

Hey Ty- hahaha!! You just took out their best running back! That is awesome! We didn't really do anything during the hurricane. Just read and studied. The hurricane was pretty weak where I was. Thanks for the pictures of the stadium & field house. Sweet- you are way lucky! Love you bro

Hey Cass- I'm good! I'm just getting ready for my transfer. The hurricane was weak here but in the port I guess it was pretty crazy. I leave for my new area tomorrow. Thanks for your support sis. I love you

Dang Tanner! You guys are rocking it up! First game at home- just remember to knock someone on their butt for your brother in Mexico! Enjoy your week. Love you bro

Okay family! I know you've have been waiting for this! I am being transferred to..........................
Veracruz Sur- with Elder Matadama!! The chapel is right by the Temple. So, I'm pretty excited about the change! Love you all! Have a great week and know that I love you. The church is true.

con mucho amor-
Elder Robertson


  1. just got our computer back up and running. Thanks for the updates! I am so thankful that Elder Robertson is doing so fantastic and that he is excited for his transfer. We are blessed to have such a wonderful young man in our family serving the lord and preaching the true gospel to the people of Mexico. I am so excited for Elder Colton Robertson to serve! Our family is blessed to have such awesome young men in our family! What great examples to all!

  2. Hey Cody it's Jessica I am so happy that you are having a great time in Mexico. Hope you and your companion are doing great. I miss you. Hope you like your companion. Do great out in the field. I am excited to see your family come up when they are taking Colton to the MTC. Continue do do what you are doing. Hope it always makes you happy. You are an inspiration to me. Come home safe.