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Monday, September 6, 2010

Letter September 6, 2010

Hey Mom- sounds like last week was a blast. I am so proud of Tyler. He is going to do so good this season in football. Everything here is good. Hope that you feel better and ask dad to give you a blessing. Regarding the picture of Elder Meza and I with the wood- haha... yeah I carried it most of the time and he just was carrying it because I wanted to take a picture! I don't have my camera with me today because I'm in martinez de la torre. I will try to get pictures to you next week. Feel better mom. Love Elder Robertson

Hey Cass- That's great that you love school. Yes! I helped Elder Meza carry the wood! haha! We play soccer almost every p-day and I was goalie and when I ran for the ball everybody gets afraid of me and runs away. It's pretty funny! haha! Love you Sis

Hey Colt- That's awesome that you got your Temple Recommend. Go tot he Temple as much as you can before you go to the MTC. My companion is doing great. We are one heck of a team. Yeah, Mexico is great and I'm just getting ready to leave but I got to fill up the tank here first before I leave. That's awesome that Ryan is already in the mission field. The first week is always weird but only because you don't know the language. But after that first month... you start to recognize words and putting things together. Hope you have a great time at the Temple. Give everyone hugs for me. I will be thinking about all of you on Saturday. Love you bro

Hey Tyler- Holy Moly!! An interception!! That is so incredibly awesome!! How far did you get before you got tackled? I was so shocked to hear that you got an interception! That's awesome man! Sounds like you had a heck of a game... QB sacks and tackles! You were on fire! So your offense needs some help... that stinks. My week was great but not as great as your week! That's so cool bro. Keep it up and just keep putting people on their backs like the movie... Remember the Titans. Love you bro

Hey Dad- That is awesome that you have no voice! It sounds like the game was just awesome! I love the talk you gave Ty before the game. I would've been so pumped up if you would've said that to me. haha Tyler got a penalty for roughing the passer! That's so awesome though! I wish I could've seen him just lay out that baby! haha! That's awesome you have sons that everybody looks up to. And it's because we have a dad that we looked up to and we followed. I am thankful for you & mom. Without you both... I would not be who I am today. I'll be the difference maker just like you said. And I will be baptizing and bring more people to the truthfulness of this gospel. I am truly a leader and everybody in this zone looks up to me. Thanks for everything dad. Love your son, Elder Robertson

Hey Tanner-Hey dude... just give it some time and start knocking kids down and don't hesitate because if you hesitate they will think you're scared. Love you bro. And that is GREAT that Manu saved the BYU game! He always does that. Just keep me updated on Texas. Thanks bro. Keep up the great work and you will receive the blessings from it. Love you- Elder Robertson

I love this work and I'm so glad that I chose to give my two little years to serve as a representative of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Have a wonderful week and know that I will be thinking of all of you as you are in the Temple.

con mucho amor- Elder Robertson

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