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Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010- The power of Priesthood Blessings

Elder Robertson & Elder Meza, "Helping this old little man carry wood that seriously weighed 80 pounds." Now... who was carrying the wood? ha! They're taking turns, right?
One of our areas called, "Alto Tonga."

Hey Dad- This week has been pretty good. I was able to exercise my Priesthood authority by blessing a member that was really sick in the hospital. Today, we found out that she is going home and that she is getting better. It was awesome to know that through the Priesthood we can perform ordinances that other people can't do. How did the dance go? Colton is way ready for his mission! His spanish is almost perfect and he just needs the experience in the field and he will be a super missionary. Love you dad. Have a great week and take lots of pictures for me.

Hey Mom- Oh, wow! Colton is an Elder! That is awesome that all those men were able to stand in. I'll bet the Spirit was really strong. That's really awesome! I loved the pictures you sent me. The football scrimmage looked so fun. How hot is it there? Good for Cassidy to start working. She is awesome! Seminary started here last week and now we are able to get our converts to go. They are really excited! I wish that I could go through the Temple with you guys. I love it so much. We will be able to go through the Temple here in December with President Hansen. Yeah, they are all members of the church that are apparently adding me on Facebook. They are all cool. Don't worry, they know that you're managing my FB while I'm serving my mission. That's really awesome that Foster sent me a shout on FB. Tell him, "Hi from Mexico." I seriously cracked up when I read Elder Smith is now serving in Tonopah! haha! That is hilarious! He is going to love it though. Here's a message from President Hansen- He said to comment on the blog... they love what you write. And also, could you please spread the blog address to the other Veracruz mom's/dad's/families? (done!) Love you mom. Thanks for the updates on everything. That is what I look forward to reading on P-Days.

Hey Colton- Como se siente despues de su ordenacion? El Sacerdocio es el poder para actuar en nombre de jesucristo. Dos meses mas y estaras en el MTC. Usted va a encantar. Me encanta mi mision y al pueblo de Mexico. Los miembros son los mejores. Asi que agradecido que esta a mi hermano. Seras un gran misionero. con mucho amor- Elder Robertson

Hey Tanner- That is good that you made a kid cry. Make a kid cry every game-ok? haha! Just keep me up to date on Texas. Good luck in your game tomorrow and know that I will be thinking about you. Tell dad to take more pictures because I love them. Love you bro- buenos suerte

Hey Ty- you only have 4 classes? Lucky kid- hahah! That's awesome that you are starting but tomorrow you need to get a picture of everything- including the new stadium so I can see it! I'm doing the same thing... working hard and contacting everybody in the streets and trying to baptize every week. These past few weeks have been hard because all of our baptisms we had to drop because the parents wouldn't give permission for them to be a member. Good thing though, we have a family that we are working on baptism with so either this week or next week. Hey- good luck against Yukon (puke-on)! haha! Love you bro

Hey Cass- hope you have a great week in seminary! It's the right way to start your day off. And I hope you get the job that you want. Love you sis

Hey family & ward family- have a great week! Do what is right and always be an example to others. The church is true.

con mucho amor-
Elder Robertson

PS- I loved the emails between Elder Robertson and my parents this week. I thought I'd share:

Hola Elder Robertson!
I was asked to share an inspirational message for the "Sister to Sister" RS newsletter for the month of September. I used YOU and your mission as my inspiration for our ward sisters. I shared President Hansen's blog address with the ward and talked about the inspiration it is to me to follow your mission via the internet blog and the lives that are being touched by the missionaries in Veracruz Mexico Mission. Just one mission's experiences in building up the Kingdom of God upon the earth. I then just had to share a recipe for "Zucchini Chocolate Cake" too! ha! Thank you for being our wonderful grandson and for sharing your life with the Lord these 24 months of your life to share the gospel message with the beautiful people of Mexico. We hope your week was great! We always look so forward to hearing about your week! Your pictures are amazing. We are happy to tell you that we know missionaries never forget those they teach and those who feed and love them and their "families" away from their families. This week, Grandpa and I were honored to open the door to Elder Olson and his parents from North Carolina. He wanted them to meet us and we heard him relate to them, "Good food, a sweet spirit in our home and always loved here." That was quite a blessing and honor for us to hear. We know you love the people around you! We know that's the way the Lord wants it to be. It was so fun to listen to 3 mothers of missionaries in our ward tell of their son's missions and the blessings they are receiving in their homes by supporting their sons on missions. Cody, you are a blessing to your family. Have a wonderful week. We love you with all of our hearts! Grandpa & Grandma

Hey Grandma & Grandpa- Thanks for sharing me and the Mission Mexico Veracruz in your RS Newsletter. What a wonderful experience it is for all of you to read our stories and view pictures on the blog(s). The people are very humble here in Mexico. Grandma- I want your zucchini chocolate cake when I return home. That is what I want! How awesome was that to have an ex-missionary bring his parents to meet you. You both are very loved and always make others feel special... especially through your cooking! I am the lucky one- I love your food and I miss it a lot. Tell Grandpa hi and give him a big hug for me. Love you both & thanks for everything- Elder Robertson

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