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Monday, August 9, 2010

I Love Mexico! Letter 08-09-10

Mission Conference 2010- What a good looking group of Elders & Sisters with awesome President & Sister Hansen! I love this picture!

Elder Robertson in his room?

Elder Robertson with real bunny ears. Don't ask!

Elder Robertson & Elder Meza- It looks like they are soaked from the rain.

Hey Cass- It sounds like camp was awesome! I wish that I could go rafting & camping but I love doing missionary work right now! It is the best! Anyway- I'm glad you had a blast with all the girls. Wow- school is coming up fast and that's cool that you're getting braces! Love you Sis

Hey Tan- Nothing new with me. I'll bet you're Colton's height- That's cool! Does he dunk it like crazy? I can't wait for football to start either. Ty is going to have a great Senior year! Keep working hard at basketball and you will be great in High School! Keep reading your scriptures! Love you bro

Colt- Hey everything in Mexico is great and getting better. We have some baptisms coming up and I'm excited. Tell Bean the MTC is awesome! That's good that you want to start your mission. It does go by way too fast. Colt a aprender espanol usted necesita el deseo y el espiritu santo. yo se que si usted trabaja y siempre habla en espanol se va a aprender mas rapido. su espanol es bueno hermano. Love you- Elder Robertson

Tyler- You're going to be fine! Just work hard like everyone is telling you! Yep- what sport do you want to play- soccer or basketball cuz I'll beat you in both! haha! Love ya bro

Hey Dad- I'll bet your talk was awesome. I wish I could've heard it, but I'm glad the Spirit was there. Is Tanner getting better at basketball? Because he is sure talking like he is way better than me and that's not possilbe! ha! You need to keep showing him up, okay? haha! On a serious note, everything here is good! We are teaching like crazy. I am here for another month and a half for another change which is good! I love it here! Thanks for everything. Love you Dad

Hey mama- Everything is good here and yes I'm going to send some pictures today! Tell The Bean Family hello for me! Tyler is going to love his mission in Mexico! Yes, I wrote Alayna and told her that I sent it but you know... I'm in Mexico. Hope that letter gets to her. You know, one thing one of my teacher's taught at the MTC was don't hate church! ha ha! It was awesome! I'll write more next week. I'm just happy to be sending ya'll some pictures!

Tell everyone hi and I love them.

The Church is True!
Love you- Elder Robertson

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