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Monday, August 23, 2010

Letter 08-23-10- "Remember to Pray"

We are so thankful for President & Sister Hansen's inspiring blog!
When I saw this picture of the Elders & Sisters dressed in white... the tears just started running down my face. That's what mom's do. Look at those beautiful and valiant smiles!! It just touches my heart. Wish I could jump in the picture and give everyone of them a hug. They have worked so incredibly hard.
Per President Hansen's blog..."Bauti-zonas are pretty hard to come by, but there were four in June-2010. Three took place in la Zona Teziutlan, all in the same month. These are the missionaries. Elders Castillo, Quintero, Gil Jimenez, Castro, Canseco, Goodworth (Shelley, ID), Sisters Anguiano and Cavillo, Elders Parker (Orem), Gonzalez Ojeda, Trujillo, Robertson (Oklahoma City), Lizama, and Dunn (Louisburg, Kansas but he claims Texas).

I love this picture which is also taken from President & Sister Hansen's blog. Our family sure does love our beloved Elder Gil. We look forward to meeting him someday. Elder Robertson looks good and happy. He tells us often how much he loves the people of Mexico.

This is another touching picture of Elder Gil and Elder Robertson showing some true missionary work. Per President & Sister Hansen's blog... they worked hard helping this couple obtain a marriage license.

And with the marriage license in hand... she was able to be baptized!
*Thank you again for sharing pictures President & Sister Hansen! It's made our week!*

Hey Cassidy- That's cool that school has started and that you are happy with your classes. Don't slack off! haha! Study a bunch. It's good to hear that you & Tanner are excited for Seminary. Both Sister Moen and Brother Stott are great teachers. Football is going to be fun. Take lots of pictures for me. I'll bet that Colton is ready to leave for his mission. I know that he is ready. I really appreciate your love and support. Love you Sis

Hey Tanner- How's football? What position are you playing? (cornerback & inside receiver) You will do great against Union. I can't wait to see more pictures. I'm happy to hear you're so excited to attend seminary. Continue to do well in school. I can't believe you're a Freshman. Remember... people are always watching you so be an example. Choose The Right! Love you bro

Hey Ty- Mom emailed me a picture of you and WOW... you're freaking tall!! You've always been tall but you must be growing still. Four sacks too?!? Awesome! Keep up the good work! I know you're going to tear up Union this Friday. I still want to see the pictures of the new weight room and the field. Tell dad to take some pictures for me. Hey- I know how exhausted you are after all those practices and games along with homework... but I'm going to challenge you to attend seminary this year. It's such a perfect way to start off your day. You will be blessed too. You know I'm right. Study hard this year Ty. Enjoy your Senior year. Love you bro

Hey Colt- That's cool that Brother Widdison is coming over for FHE! Yeah! Look at all the pictures and tell me all about it and what you think. I do know that you are going to have a blast on your mission! Work hard and trust in the Lord. Everything will fall into place. Don't worry about the food. Are you excited to go through the Temple? You are going to love it! Go through a bunch of times before you leave. President Bean encourages it. You're going to have fun going through the Temple in spanish in Peru. That is awesome! Wow... I will be thinking about you on Sunday when you're ordained an Elder. That is just sweet! I'm so proud of you. Love you bro

Hey dad- Thanks for the pictures! Tyler is HUGE! What's the news on the scholarship? Who is looking at him? How much does he weigh now? Can't wait to see pictures of both Ty & Tanner during their games. Sister Hansen told me that she finally put up pictures and she is glad that someone is looking at them (We- family & friends- are addicted to their blog! It's fabulous!) This has been a great week!! We placed 3 more dates and they all accepted. We should have another bauti-zone the 4th of September. That would be great if you all sent me your testimonies so I could share it with my investigators! I will keep praying for the family like I always do. You are a great example to me! Thanks for everything! Love you dad

Hi Mom- That story is incredibly awesome! You are right... Heavenly Father does have a hand in all things! Please tell your friend to remember to pray. Does he have a Book of Mormon? If he doesn't, give him one and tell him to read Alma 42- all of that chapter. And you all should talk about this as a family and why it is important to read the scriptures and to repent of the things that we do wrong. Nobody is perfect and all of us need repentance. Actually, this would make a great FHE. Also, if your friend has the desire to change and the desire to be a better person, then he will be!! He just needs something in his life to keep him away from the temptations of the world. The church is where he can go to forget about the world and to start a new life. Hope that everything is good. I look forward to hearing about the progression of your friend. I will pray for him mom. You put his name in the Temple too. Continue to be an example to him. He will love you and always remember what you have done for him. Mom- I love you. You are truly amazing and you do have such a Christlike love. I've always admired when you're in tune to those things. I really love you Mom

Love you family & friends! Have a great noche de hogar (Family Home Evening). I loved the pictures of Ty, Tanner & Cassidy this week. And I look forward to the email next week with pictures of Colton. I will think about all of you... especially on Sunday.

Have a great week and remember to pray. The church is true!

con mucho mucho amor-
Elder Robertson

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