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Monday, August 16, 2010

Letter- August 16, 2010

Mom- That's so cool that you got to go to the Temple. We will go through as a mission in December. My week has been good. We had 1 baptism this week. I baptized a 16 year old boy named Marco. It was pretty cool. Some boys that are getting ready for their missions got to be the witnesses and see what it's like to be a missionary before they leave. Elder Meza is great. And yes, I received the picture of Ty at the football scrimmage and Jaecie. She's getting big and Ty looks great! Today we ate with a member so it was pretty sweet and bien rico. I bet you loved those pictures huh?!? haha! I'm not really tan though. I'll find more pictures to send you next week. And if you send a package... please send a usb thumb drive with it so I can back up all my pictures. Colton will need one of these too for his mission. Have a good week. Love you Mom.

Hey dad- that's awesome that Tanner is playing football. Now you can send me more pictures of Tyler picking on kids and Tanner scoring touchdowns. I look forward to that! Wow, Colton is going through the Temple soon. He is going to love it so much. Sounds like Tyler is on fire and is doing way good. Is he just knocking kids down? It's not surprising that he's starting. Yes, I saw the new Duty to God pamplet and it sounds like a lot of things are new and more things to do. Get your Young Men on that! It's a great program and they will love it. Love you Dad

Hey Cass- I don't need highlights... I'm already blonde! hahahahaha! That's weird that school starts Friday. That's awesome that you had fun at camp. I'm really excited that you're receiving your Patriarchal Blessing. You're going to love it and it will help you throughout your life. We are very lucky that Grandpa is able to give us those special blessings from our Heavenly Father. Have a great week. Love you Sis

Hey Tan- That is so awesome that you're playing football! I hope you are working your hardest and starting. That's awesome that you're taking Spanish for the whole year. You better study hard so you'll be able to understand Colton and I when we get home from our missions! haha! Dodgeball... that was always fun! No new food here. Just the same...tacos hahaha~ but I love them a lot! Dang... you are getting tall! So, are the Padres still in first place? And what's up with the USA basketball team? Love you Bro

Hey Ty- I heard that you had a big scrimmage and did awesome! We have an area like an hour away that we received references from so we are going up there to check it out. Yes, I ate that rabbit. It was pretty good too. We were at one of our converts homes. They are great. Take a picture of your weight room at the new field house. I want to see what it looks like. And send one of the new stadium too. Thanks bro. Love you and have fun in school!

Hey Colt- bueno que usted no trabaja domingo or lunes descansan. mi espanol es mejor pero necisito estudiar mas como usted. Don't worry about the food. Just start eating everything you can right now. Practice makes perfect even if it is spanglish. Someone will help you out. It's weird, but I have to translate spanish to english sometimes. Every word I say, I translate it. Yep, Uncle Travis is right. The silk ties bleed through. I don't have any silk ties... so I'm good. Keep up the good work. Keep reading & studying your scriptures and your Preach My Gospel. Love you bud

I love you all. Have a great week. Keep the commandments and CTR! The church is true.
Love, Elder Robertson

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  1. I have a feeling that we all are going to have to take spanish to be able to understand you, Colton, Uncle Travis, Uncle Curt and Aunt Roxy... and Lexi and Tanner taking Spanish too - I know Cassidy is doing good on her own too! Phew... this is great stuff! Love you! Keep up the good work! XO