Veracruz Mexico Time

Monday, May 31, 2010

Letter 5-31-10

(This is Elder Robertson's brother, Colton, who is now awaiting his mission call!)

Colt- I can't believe that your mission papers are in! You'll have your call sooner than you know it! I'm proud of you and can't wait to hear where you are going to Serve the Lord! I've been thinking about where you are going and at the end of this letter you'll will know my "guesses." I bet your talk was great. You need to send it in an email or letter to me so I can read it. That's awesome that you are going to work. Are you also working for people in the ward? ha ha fatty Colt- eating Cici's Pizza and I'm eating pigs feet- ha ha ha!! Love you bro! Felicidades!

Mom- I can't believe that Colt's call is already on it's way. That is so cool!! Yes, call Presidente & Sister Hansen and they will call me. I spoke with Sister Hansen and she was happy to hear about Colton's call. Wednesday was so incredibly awesome. It was great to see all of my District and all the Missionaries that are serving. President Hansen talked about how to contact people in the street and then spoke to the missionaries that are going to the Villahermosa Mission. I was so happy to receive a package from Alayna in Reno! Made my whole day. Let Aunt Cari know that I did not receive her package. I'm sure it will be here at the next conference. No worries. I'm still companions with Elder Gil. He is awesome and continues to teach me so much. I'm so thankful for him and his example to me. I love you Mom.

Ha ha Dad! There were Elders in my zone in the MTC that were going to San Diego! That would be awesome if Colton was called to serve there. I'll bet you are way excited to have 2 sons Serving the Lord! Of course nobody was shocked to hear that you were called as a Counselor in the Stake Young Mens... that's like people being shocked that LeBron James dunked it! ha ha! You'll do great. Man, I can't wait to hear about Colton!! Everything will be great! Love you Dad.

Hey Tan Man- I'm great! That's awesome you are starting basketball camp this week. You will do great and you will be able to dunk it! That's cool that you are working so hard dumping concrete. Yeah, I have been bit by a dog... that's it! ha ha! Do you know what real taco's are?!? You're not cool until you have eaten pigs feet and pig skin! Love you bro!

Ha ha Cassidy- That's what you get for picking on Cool-ton! ha ha! You'll be fine... buck up! I hope you're doing great. Love you sis.

Ha ha Tyler- You have summer pride (football camp). That's cool that you are working so hard. Keep up the good work and the blessings will come in many ways. Love you bro. And get a sack (football) for your big brother.

Ok... my guess for Colton is... Honduras or Mexico and for stateside... Washington Spanish Speaking. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will be sent to serve where the Lord wants you to serve.

I will send you pictures next P-Day. Love you all. The church is true!
Con mucho amor-
Elder Robertson

Monday, May 24, 2010

Elder Ronald A. Rasband - The Divine Call of a Missionary

(Here is the talk from General Conference given by Elder Rasband on the process of how missionaries are called to serve in different areas of the world. Elder Robertson mentioned this talk in his letter below. Our family is very excited as Colton, son & brother, will shortly be turning in his mission papers to serve the Lord.)

Testimony of the Book of Mormon

Mi Familia-
The graduation pictures were awesome! I bet Colton was so happy and glad to end High School. I am glad he's getting the TB test done today and physical on Wednesday. He is so close to turning in his papers! I don't know who is more excited, Colton or I!?! I cannot wait to hear where my brother will be serving his mission! There was a talk given last General Conference by Ronald A. Rasband on how they call missionaries to missions. Colton, pull it up on and read it!

Congrats Tanner for making Principal's Honor Roll all 3 years in Middle School & making Renaissance. You'll get that scholarship to BYU! I'm really proud of you!

The reason I have blonde hair is because of the sun. It's really hot here. I have a tan now and I'm pretty sure I will be darker than Tyler and Cassidy when I get home from my mission! ha ha ha!

This last week was really rushed because we had cambios (change/exchange) and we received two new missionaries in our district. We had zero baptisms this week so that's bad but we have 5 set up for next Saturday. We traveled to Martinez de la Torre for a meeting between zone leaders and District Leaders. And I am looking forward to going to mission conference on Miercoles. Today we went as the missionaries in Puebla to a river to look at some water falls for our district activity. It was pretty fun! I took lots of pictures and I'll try to send a ustedes (you- respectfully).

Well... guess what I ate this week? PIGS FEET!!! I didn't know I was eating pigs feet until after we had left the house. It wasn't good and it wasn't bad. I would eat it again. ha ha!

I hope I get Aunt Cari's package at my mission conference on Wednesday! Please have Aunt Caecie send me a picture of Garrett's return home/homecoming. And please have Garrett write me. I'm sure I have questions for him and I'd love to hear about his mission in Mexico.

I am going to try to send some more pictures today but I'm not sure it's going to work. The computer Elder Gil and I are on today is pretty horrid! lol!

The Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith is a true Prophet of God and President Monson is our Prophet who guides and directs us today. I am thankful for this opportunity I have to Serve the Lord and the people of Mexico who I love. I remind you to be an example every minute of every day. You'd be surprised who is watching. And to the Young Men again I say, "Prepare now to serve your mission."

Con mucho amor,
Elder Robertson

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


What a pleasant surprise to open my email this morning and find picturas from Elder Robertson! I have learned a lesson... check my email throughout the day on P-Day as I logged out too early! Notice how blonde Elder Robertson's hair is getting?!?
(This is a picture of myself, Delia (an investigator) and Elder Gil)

(Here is a picture of the family that we baptized la familia Casiano Suarez. I love them!)

(Here is a picture of myself and a baby lamb)

(Elder Gil and Fernando-a great kid)

(This is a view of the church and the mountains)

(This is where we play basketball)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Letter 5/17/10

Mi Familia-

Colton so cool that you graduate Friday. I'm really excited to hear where you will be called to serve. You'll be out in the mission field before you know it! It would be great if you went Spanish speaking so we could converse after our missions. I called President Hansen and he said that you can for sure call him about your call and he will call me and let me know where you're serving. Please shrink and laminate the missionary story that Sister Stott gave you! I'd like to keep it in my scriptures.

Tanner- doing your home teaching will help you only if you teach the lesson! lol! Love you bro!

Cassidy- Hey sis, unfortunately you cannot do anything to help the family that you read about on the blog. (President & Sister Hansen's Blog) In the mission handbook it says for your family not to help people in the mission. Sorry sis. You sure do have a big heart and that really touched my heart about what you did. See, you love the people here as much as I do. But don't worry as the church will help them out as much as they can. I really love you sis. And remember, our Heavenly Father knows your good intentions.

Congrats on your new calling dad! I knew it! You will do great! I love you!

Hey mom- I don't think I have an accent- lol! It was great to talk to all of you. This week was good. Our baptisms were great! We have 2 more investigators that are accepting the gospel and committing to baptism this month. Our goal for the month is 10 baptisms, so we will reach it! I love you!

Tell Brandon Stott congrats! Wow! That is crazy cool. He will be an awesome Seminary teacher!

Keep reading your scriptures. Remember to pray before you read and after you read. The church is true and I love missionary work! I love you all very much. Thanks for everything!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Robertson

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Phone Call

Elder Robertson asked us to call him on Monday at 6pm for our Mother's Day phone call. Well... Oklahoma was being hammered with tornados, hail and storms that late afternoon. My husband & children were stuck at the High School in the storm shelter and the Fire Department would not let anyone leave. At one point I wondered if I would even be able to call or if I'd be the only calling. There was a happy ending... everyone walked in the door at 5:45pm and we called Mexico as a family. Below are a few things we learned from our conversation with Elder Robertson and also Elder Gil. Oh, and Elder Robertson was thrilled to hear that Tanner made the basketball team!

Elder Robertson said there would be a Mission Conference on May 26th. He was looking forward to that. Elder Robertson was happy to announce that he will be staying in the Veracruz Mission with President Hansen. They are splitting the mission.

Cereal for breakfast. The biggest meal of the day is lunch time and it is always at 2:00 pm. They are fed by ward members at this time. They are on their own for dinner.

When asked what he'd like sent to him in a package... sunflower seeds! LOL! He also asked for jolly ranchers and gum for the children. He mentioned they also buy oreos for the kids as they love them.

The whole family spoke to Elder Gil! He said, "Hola! Como Estas? Elder Robertson is doing good. He is great missionary. We love the Lord and serve Him. We love missionary work." Then Elder Gil told me, "Love you Sister." My heart is so full of love and admiration for that young man. What an example he is to all. Elder Robertson mentioned that Elder Gil leads the mission with 120 baptisms. Elder Robertson has 7 baptisms and from what we understand 2 more on Saturday. Elder Gil is returning home in August and has a brother serving in the Monterey Mexico Mission.

Cassidy asked Elder Robertson to say something in spanish. He invited us to baptism in spanish and also bore his testimony in spanish. It sounded good! It was also interesting to hear that he has developed a little native accent! (we laughed)

The most interesting thing he's eaten: corn on the cob, mayonnaise (instead of butter), parmesan cheese and valentina sauce on top.

He eats a lot of fruit and loves it. Loves fruit smoothies also and stated that they watch to make sure they make it with bottled water.

Mentioned the family they just baptized. And how he was looking forward to witness their sealing in the Temple in a year. That is very special to him. He also mentioned how happy he was that the boy he baptized (his 1st baptism) received the Aaronic Priesthood.

Elder Robertson sends his love to everyone and says, "Please keep writing me!" He is looking forward to hearing where Colton (his brother) will be serving his mission.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Letter 5/10/10

On Saturday, I received a picture of Elder Robertson taken at the Mission Home & Mother's Day card with a note from President & Sister Hansen which read: "Elder Robertson is wonderful! He is serving with the hardest working, hardest running, fastest talking, most baptizing missionary in the whole mission and he loves it! He is doing so wonderfully well and is adjusting great! Thanks for preparing him so well to serve the Lord in Mexico- We love him already!" Con Amor- President & Hermana Hansen

Happy Mothers Day Mom! It was cool... the Primary set up a lunch for the moms and Elder Gil and I were honored to help set it up! I can't wait to talk to you tonight and tell you how everything is going!! That's cool that you remember your first Mothers Day!

Dad HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry it's late but Feliz cumpleaƱos! Hope that you had a great day! That's cool that everyone asks about me at church. I can't wait for colton to turn in his papers. Yeah, Elder Gil is a cool guy. He's really helped me a lot! I will talk to you more tonight.

Colt thats cool that you are done with school and looking forward to graduation in a few weeks. Thanks for the scriptures and I will look them up. Look up DyC 4 it is what you will be doing as a missionary. Can't wait to talk to you tonight!

Hey Ty are you driving to school? Yeah, I have eaten some weird stuff here but I'll tell you more tonight about that. Good luck in football!

Yeah Tanner... Tell me about the playoffs and thank you for your support. But what I really want to know is how did basketball tryouts go? Tell me tonight! (We were all under strict orders from Tanner not to tell Elder Robertson that he MADE the Freshman Basketball Team as he wanted to tell his brother on the phone tonight!!)

ha ha Cass you are sick! (Wow... he still acts like a typical older brother! LOL!) I'm sorry... you'll get better. I'll bet the Hess' talks were great! Talk to you tonight!

Elder Robertson
(We are anxious to call Elder Robertson tonight for my Mother's Day call!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Letter 5/3/10

We received the picture above in the mail today along with a sweet letter from President & Sister Hansen. It is of the day Elder Robertson arrived in Veracruz. What a perfect Mother's Day gift!

Dear Family,
Soy bien. So happy to hear that Stake Conference went well and you were blessed to hear from Elder Ringwood of the Seventy. It's great to hear that he spoke of the importance of serving a mission. And dad, that is really cool that he was also the Mission President in Korea and knows your President. I loved hearing that our Stake now has 15 missionaries serving. That is sweet! Great to hear Brother Widdison asked about me. Tell him Hola!

Things are going great here in Mexico. It's hard to believe I've been here a month already. Elder Gil and I are very busy teaching. Lots of new investigators & lots of lessons. Si mucho bautismos! Some of my favorite scriptures are 3 Nephi 11, Alma 40 & Moroni 8. We use these scriptures a lot when teaching the investigators. The baptisms are good. We had a baptism on Sunday night. I was happy to baptize & will send pictures next week. We have a family of 4 being baptized Jueves. Then the following week another family of 4 will be baptized. So our lessons must be good & the Spirit is with us. In Zone Conference we learned how to invite people to baptism and it has been working. This is such a blessing for these families to have the gospel in their lives. I am so excited for all of them!

Sorry to hear about the Thunder. Sounds like they had a great season & there is always next year. We play basketball here and the little kids like to watch me dunk! ha ha ha! The hoops are a little smaller so I am dunking in games non-stop. It's so fun! Good luck in basketball try-outs Tanner! Today we went paint-balling and it was a blast.

I love you all very much and can't wait to see how much your testimonies have grown. Continue to read The Book of Mormon. So happy to hear that you were able to spend the evening at the Temple as a family last week. Tell everyone hello.

Elder Robertson