Veracruz Mexico Time

Monday, May 24, 2010

Testimony of the Book of Mormon

Mi Familia-
The graduation pictures were awesome! I bet Colton was so happy and glad to end High School. I am glad he's getting the TB test done today and physical on Wednesday. He is so close to turning in his papers! I don't know who is more excited, Colton or I!?! I cannot wait to hear where my brother will be serving his mission! There was a talk given last General Conference by Ronald A. Rasband on how they call missionaries to missions. Colton, pull it up on and read it!

Congrats Tanner for making Principal's Honor Roll all 3 years in Middle School & making Renaissance. You'll get that scholarship to BYU! I'm really proud of you!

The reason I have blonde hair is because of the sun. It's really hot here. I have a tan now and I'm pretty sure I will be darker than Tyler and Cassidy when I get home from my mission! ha ha ha!

This last week was really rushed because we had cambios (change/exchange) and we received two new missionaries in our district. We had zero baptisms this week so that's bad but we have 5 set up for next Saturday. We traveled to Martinez de la Torre for a meeting between zone leaders and District Leaders. And I am looking forward to going to mission conference on Miercoles. Today we went as the missionaries in Puebla to a river to look at some water falls for our district activity. It was pretty fun! I took lots of pictures and I'll try to send a ustedes (you- respectfully).

Well... guess what I ate this week? PIGS FEET!!! I didn't know I was eating pigs feet until after we had left the house. It wasn't good and it wasn't bad. I would eat it again. ha ha!

I hope I get Aunt Cari's package at my mission conference on Wednesday! Please have Aunt Caecie send me a picture of Garrett's return home/homecoming. And please have Garrett write me. I'm sure I have questions for him and I'd love to hear about his mission in Mexico.

I am going to try to send some more pictures today but I'm not sure it's going to work. The computer Elder Gil and I are on today is pretty horrid! lol!

The Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith is a true Prophet of God and President Monson is our Prophet who guides and directs us today. I am thankful for this opportunity I have to Serve the Lord and the people of Mexico who I love. I remind you to be an example every minute of every day. You'd be surprised who is watching. And to the Young Men again I say, "Prepare now to serve your mission."

Con mucho amor,
Elder Robertson


  1. WOW! Pigs feet?! They are a gag gift at our Christmas party "white elephant" each year... And you ate them? I think the Lord blessed them to taste better while Elder Robertson and his companion are doing His work! I know He watches over all of you. I am hopeful that his package gets to him in time for conference! It has enough pictures of Jesus that I think they won't open it and steal from him! LOL! Love you Elder Robertson! PS - I like your blonde hair! (Love, Aunt Cari)

  2. Grandpa likes pickled pigs feet. I have never tried them. I have really loved hearing Garrett tell stories of his mission. It has really made us think of you. He has grown so much and is so full of gratitude and love for our Savior. He loves the people of Mexico! I will be happy to forward your message to him. Xoxo. Aunt Caecie
    P.S. You REALLY look like a missionary now! And I love the blonde hair!