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Monday, May 17, 2010

Letter 5/17/10

Mi Familia-

Colton so cool that you graduate Friday. I'm really excited to hear where you will be called to serve. You'll be out in the mission field before you know it! It would be great if you went Spanish speaking so we could converse after our missions. I called President Hansen and he said that you can for sure call him about your call and he will call me and let me know where you're serving. Please shrink and laminate the missionary story that Sister Stott gave you! I'd like to keep it in my scriptures.

Tanner- doing your home teaching will help you only if you teach the lesson! lol! Love you bro!

Cassidy- Hey sis, unfortunately you cannot do anything to help the family that you read about on the blog. (President & Sister Hansen's Blog) In the mission handbook it says for your family not to help people in the mission. Sorry sis. You sure do have a big heart and that really touched my heart about what you did. See, you love the people here as much as I do. But don't worry as the church will help them out as much as they can. I really love you sis. And remember, our Heavenly Father knows your good intentions.

Congrats on your new calling dad! I knew it! You will do great! I love you!

Hey mom- I don't think I have an accent- lol! It was great to talk to all of you. This week was good. Our baptisms were great! We have 2 more investigators that are accepting the gospel and committing to baptism this month. Our goal for the month is 10 baptisms, so we will reach it! I love you!

Tell Brandon Stott congrats! Wow! That is crazy cool. He will be an awesome Seminary teacher!

Keep reading your scriptures. Remember to pray before you read and after you read. The church is true and I love missionary work! I love you all very much. Thanks for everything!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Robertson

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