Veracruz Mexico Time

Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010- The power of Priesthood Blessings

Elder Robertson & Elder Meza, "Helping this old little man carry wood that seriously weighed 80 pounds." Now... who was carrying the wood? ha! They're taking turns, right?
One of our areas called, "Alto Tonga."

Hey Dad- This week has been pretty good. I was able to exercise my Priesthood authority by blessing a member that was really sick in the hospital. Today, we found out that she is going home and that she is getting better. It was awesome to know that through the Priesthood we can perform ordinances that other people can't do. How did the dance go? Colton is way ready for his mission! His spanish is almost perfect and he just needs the experience in the field and he will be a super missionary. Love you dad. Have a great week and take lots of pictures for me.

Hey Mom- Oh, wow! Colton is an Elder! That is awesome that all those men were able to stand in. I'll bet the Spirit was really strong. That's really awesome! I loved the pictures you sent me. The football scrimmage looked so fun. How hot is it there? Good for Cassidy to start working. She is awesome! Seminary started here last week and now we are able to get our converts to go. They are really excited! I wish that I could go through the Temple with you guys. I love it so much. We will be able to go through the Temple here in December with President Hansen. Yeah, they are all members of the church that are apparently adding me on Facebook. They are all cool. Don't worry, they know that you're managing my FB while I'm serving my mission. That's really awesome that Foster sent me a shout on FB. Tell him, "Hi from Mexico." I seriously cracked up when I read Elder Smith is now serving in Tonopah! haha! That is hilarious! He is going to love it though. Here's a message from President Hansen- He said to comment on the blog... they love what you write. And also, could you please spread the blog address to the other Veracruz mom's/dad's/families? (done!) Love you mom. Thanks for the updates on everything. That is what I look forward to reading on P-Days.

Hey Colton- Como se siente despues de su ordenacion? El Sacerdocio es el poder para actuar en nombre de jesucristo. Dos meses mas y estaras en el MTC. Usted va a encantar. Me encanta mi mision y al pueblo de Mexico. Los miembros son los mejores. Asi que agradecido que esta a mi hermano. Seras un gran misionero. con mucho amor- Elder Robertson

Hey Tanner- That is good that you made a kid cry. Make a kid cry every game-ok? haha! Just keep me up to date on Texas. Good luck in your game tomorrow and know that I will be thinking about you. Tell dad to take more pictures because I love them. Love you bro- buenos suerte

Hey Ty- you only have 4 classes? Lucky kid- hahah! That's awesome that you are starting but tomorrow you need to get a picture of everything- including the new stadium so I can see it! I'm doing the same thing... working hard and contacting everybody in the streets and trying to baptize every week. These past few weeks have been hard because all of our baptisms we had to drop because the parents wouldn't give permission for them to be a member. Good thing though, we have a family that we are working on baptism with so either this week or next week. Hey- good luck against Yukon (puke-on)! haha! Love you bro

Hey Cass- hope you have a great week in seminary! It's the right way to start your day off. And I hope you get the job that you want. Love you sis

Hey family & ward family- have a great week! Do what is right and always be an example to others. The church is true.

con mucho amor-
Elder Robertson

PS- I loved the emails between Elder Robertson and my parents this week. I thought I'd share:

Hola Elder Robertson!
I was asked to share an inspirational message for the "Sister to Sister" RS newsletter for the month of September. I used YOU and your mission as my inspiration for our ward sisters. I shared President Hansen's blog address with the ward and talked about the inspiration it is to me to follow your mission via the internet blog and the lives that are being touched by the missionaries in Veracruz Mexico Mission. Just one mission's experiences in building up the Kingdom of God upon the earth. I then just had to share a recipe for "Zucchini Chocolate Cake" too! ha! Thank you for being our wonderful grandson and for sharing your life with the Lord these 24 months of your life to share the gospel message with the beautiful people of Mexico. We hope your week was great! We always look so forward to hearing about your week! Your pictures are amazing. We are happy to tell you that we know missionaries never forget those they teach and those who feed and love them and their "families" away from their families. This week, Grandpa and I were honored to open the door to Elder Olson and his parents from North Carolina. He wanted them to meet us and we heard him relate to them, "Good food, a sweet spirit in our home and always loved here." That was quite a blessing and honor for us to hear. We know you love the people around you! We know that's the way the Lord wants it to be. It was so fun to listen to 3 mothers of missionaries in our ward tell of their son's missions and the blessings they are receiving in their homes by supporting their sons on missions. Cody, you are a blessing to your family. Have a wonderful week. We love you with all of our hearts! Grandpa & Grandma

Hey Grandma & Grandpa- Thanks for sharing me and the Mission Mexico Veracruz in your RS Newsletter. What a wonderful experience it is for all of you to read our stories and view pictures on the blog(s). The people are very humble here in Mexico. Grandma- I want your zucchini chocolate cake when I return home. That is what I want! How awesome was that to have an ex-missionary bring his parents to meet you. You both are very loved and always make others feel special... especially through your cooking! I am the lucky one- I love your food and I miss it a lot. Tell Grandpa hi and give him a big hug for me. Love you both & thanks for everything- Elder Robertson

Monday, August 23, 2010

Letter 08-23-10- "Remember to Pray"

We are so thankful for President & Sister Hansen's inspiring blog!
When I saw this picture of the Elders & Sisters dressed in white... the tears just started running down my face. That's what mom's do. Look at those beautiful and valiant smiles!! It just touches my heart. Wish I could jump in the picture and give everyone of them a hug. They have worked so incredibly hard.
Per President Hansen's blog..."Bauti-zonas are pretty hard to come by, but there were four in June-2010. Three took place in la Zona Teziutlan, all in the same month. These are the missionaries. Elders Castillo, Quintero, Gil Jimenez, Castro, Canseco, Goodworth (Shelley, ID), Sisters Anguiano and Cavillo, Elders Parker (Orem), Gonzalez Ojeda, Trujillo, Robertson (Oklahoma City), Lizama, and Dunn (Louisburg, Kansas but he claims Texas).

I love this picture which is also taken from President & Sister Hansen's blog. Our family sure does love our beloved Elder Gil. We look forward to meeting him someday. Elder Robertson looks good and happy. He tells us often how much he loves the people of Mexico.

This is another touching picture of Elder Gil and Elder Robertson showing some true missionary work. Per President & Sister Hansen's blog... they worked hard helping this couple obtain a marriage license.

And with the marriage license in hand... she was able to be baptized!
*Thank you again for sharing pictures President & Sister Hansen! It's made our week!*

Hey Cassidy- That's cool that school has started and that you are happy with your classes. Don't slack off! haha! Study a bunch. It's good to hear that you & Tanner are excited for Seminary. Both Sister Moen and Brother Stott are great teachers. Football is going to be fun. Take lots of pictures for me. I'll bet that Colton is ready to leave for his mission. I know that he is ready. I really appreciate your love and support. Love you Sis

Hey Tanner- How's football? What position are you playing? (cornerback & inside receiver) You will do great against Union. I can't wait to see more pictures. I'm happy to hear you're so excited to attend seminary. Continue to do well in school. I can't believe you're a Freshman. Remember... people are always watching you so be an example. Choose The Right! Love you bro

Hey Ty- Mom emailed me a picture of you and WOW... you're freaking tall!! You've always been tall but you must be growing still. Four sacks too?!? Awesome! Keep up the good work! I know you're going to tear up Union this Friday. I still want to see the pictures of the new weight room and the field. Tell dad to take some pictures for me. Hey- I know how exhausted you are after all those practices and games along with homework... but I'm going to challenge you to attend seminary this year. It's such a perfect way to start off your day. You will be blessed too. You know I'm right. Study hard this year Ty. Enjoy your Senior year. Love you bro

Hey Colt- That's cool that Brother Widdison is coming over for FHE! Yeah! Look at all the pictures and tell me all about it and what you think. I do know that you are going to have a blast on your mission! Work hard and trust in the Lord. Everything will fall into place. Don't worry about the food. Are you excited to go through the Temple? You are going to love it! Go through a bunch of times before you leave. President Bean encourages it. You're going to have fun going through the Temple in spanish in Peru. That is awesome! Wow... I will be thinking about you on Sunday when you're ordained an Elder. That is just sweet! I'm so proud of you. Love you bro

Hey dad- Thanks for the pictures! Tyler is HUGE! What's the news on the scholarship? Who is looking at him? How much does he weigh now? Can't wait to see pictures of both Ty & Tanner during their games. Sister Hansen told me that she finally put up pictures and she is glad that someone is looking at them (We- family & friends- are addicted to their blog! It's fabulous!) This has been a great week!! We placed 3 more dates and they all accepted. We should have another bauti-zone the 4th of September. That would be great if you all sent me your testimonies so I could share it with my investigators! I will keep praying for the family like I always do. You are a great example to me! Thanks for everything! Love you dad

Hi Mom- That story is incredibly awesome! You are right... Heavenly Father does have a hand in all things! Please tell your friend to remember to pray. Does he have a Book of Mormon? If he doesn't, give him one and tell him to read Alma 42- all of that chapter. And you all should talk about this as a family and why it is important to read the scriptures and to repent of the things that we do wrong. Nobody is perfect and all of us need repentance. Actually, this would make a great FHE. Also, if your friend has the desire to change and the desire to be a better person, then he will be!! He just needs something in his life to keep him away from the temptations of the world. The church is where he can go to forget about the world and to start a new life. Hope that everything is good. I look forward to hearing about the progression of your friend. I will pray for him mom. You put his name in the Temple too. Continue to be an example to him. He will love you and always remember what you have done for him. Mom- I love you. You are truly amazing and you do have such a Christlike love. I've always admired when you're in tune to those things. I really love you Mom

Love you family & friends! Have a great noche de hogar (Family Home Evening). I loved the pictures of Ty, Tanner & Cassidy this week. And I look forward to the email next week with pictures of Colton. I will think about all of you... especially on Sunday.

Have a great week and remember to pray. The church is true!

con mucho mucho amor-
Elder Robertson

Monday, August 16, 2010

Letter- August 16, 2010

Mom- That's so cool that you got to go to the Temple. We will go through as a mission in December. My week has been good. We had 1 baptism this week. I baptized a 16 year old boy named Marco. It was pretty cool. Some boys that are getting ready for their missions got to be the witnesses and see what it's like to be a missionary before they leave. Elder Meza is great. And yes, I received the picture of Ty at the football scrimmage and Jaecie. She's getting big and Ty looks great! Today we ate with a member so it was pretty sweet and bien rico. I bet you loved those pictures huh?!? haha! I'm not really tan though. I'll find more pictures to send you next week. And if you send a package... please send a usb thumb drive with it so I can back up all my pictures. Colton will need one of these too for his mission. Have a good week. Love you Mom.

Hey dad- that's awesome that Tanner is playing football. Now you can send me more pictures of Tyler picking on kids and Tanner scoring touchdowns. I look forward to that! Wow, Colton is going through the Temple soon. He is going to love it so much. Sounds like Tyler is on fire and is doing way good. Is he just knocking kids down? It's not surprising that he's starting. Yes, I saw the new Duty to God pamplet and it sounds like a lot of things are new and more things to do. Get your Young Men on that! It's a great program and they will love it. Love you Dad

Hey Cass- I don't need highlights... I'm already blonde! hahahahaha! That's weird that school starts Friday. That's awesome that you had fun at camp. I'm really excited that you're receiving your Patriarchal Blessing. You're going to love it and it will help you throughout your life. We are very lucky that Grandpa is able to give us those special blessings from our Heavenly Father. Have a great week. Love you Sis

Hey Tan- That is so awesome that you're playing football! I hope you are working your hardest and starting. That's awesome that you're taking Spanish for the whole year. You better study hard so you'll be able to understand Colton and I when we get home from our missions! haha! Dodgeball... that was always fun! No new food here. Just the same...tacos hahaha~ but I love them a lot! Dang... you are getting tall! So, are the Padres still in first place? And what's up with the USA basketball team? Love you Bro

Hey Ty- I heard that you had a big scrimmage and did awesome! We have an area like an hour away that we received references from so we are going up there to check it out. Yes, I ate that rabbit. It was pretty good too. We were at one of our converts homes. They are great. Take a picture of your weight room at the new field house. I want to see what it looks like. And send one of the new stadium too. Thanks bro. Love you and have fun in school!

Hey Colt- bueno que usted no trabaja domingo or lunes descansan. mi espanol es mejor pero necisito estudiar mas como usted. Don't worry about the food. Just start eating everything you can right now. Practice makes perfect even if it is spanglish. Someone will help you out. It's weird, but I have to translate spanish to english sometimes. Every word I say, I translate it. Yep, Uncle Travis is right. The silk ties bleed through. I don't have any silk ties... so I'm good. Keep up the good work. Keep reading & studying your scriptures and your Preach My Gospel. Love you bud

I love you all. Have a great week. Keep the commandments and CTR! The church is true.
Love, Elder Robertson

Monday, August 9, 2010

I Love Mexico! Letter 08-09-10

Mission Conference 2010- What a good looking group of Elders & Sisters with awesome President & Sister Hansen! I love this picture!

Elder Robertson in his room?

Elder Robertson with real bunny ears. Don't ask!

Elder Robertson & Elder Meza- It looks like they are soaked from the rain.

Hey Cass- It sounds like camp was awesome! I wish that I could go rafting & camping but I love doing missionary work right now! It is the best! Anyway- I'm glad you had a blast with all the girls. Wow- school is coming up fast and that's cool that you're getting braces! Love you Sis

Hey Tan- Nothing new with me. I'll bet you're Colton's height- That's cool! Does he dunk it like crazy? I can't wait for football to start either. Ty is going to have a great Senior year! Keep working hard at basketball and you will be great in High School! Keep reading your scriptures! Love you bro

Colt- Hey everything in Mexico is great and getting better. We have some baptisms coming up and I'm excited. Tell Bean the MTC is awesome! That's good that you want to start your mission. It does go by way too fast. Colt a aprender espanol usted necesita el deseo y el espiritu santo. yo se que si usted trabaja y siempre habla en espanol se va a aprender mas rapido. su espanol es bueno hermano. Love you- Elder Robertson

Tyler- You're going to be fine! Just work hard like everyone is telling you! Yep- what sport do you want to play- soccer or basketball cuz I'll beat you in both! haha! Love ya bro

Hey Dad- I'll bet your talk was awesome. I wish I could've heard it, but I'm glad the Spirit was there. Is Tanner getting better at basketball? Because he is sure talking like he is way better than me and that's not possilbe! ha! You need to keep showing him up, okay? haha! On a serious note, everything here is good! We are teaching like crazy. I am here for another month and a half for another change which is good! I love it here! Thanks for everything. Love you Dad

Hey mama- Everything is good here and yes I'm going to send some pictures today! Tell The Bean Family hello for me! Tyler is going to love his mission in Mexico! Yes, I wrote Alayna and told her that I sent it but you know... I'm in Mexico. Hope that letter gets to her. You know, one thing one of my teacher's taught at the MTC was don't hate church! ha ha! It was awesome! I'll write more next week. I'm just happy to be sending ya'll some pictures!

Tell everyone hi and I love them.

The Church is True!
Love you- Elder Robertson

Monday, August 2, 2010

I've hit the 6 month mark! (Letter 08-02-10)

(Since Elder Robertson was unable to send pictures this week, I've posted 2 pictures taken from President & Sister Hansen's blog. The first one is when a group of new Elders arrived in Mexico. President Hansen wrote, "And then, on April 5th, we got some great new missionaries. They are Elders Ruiz, Caudillo, Teliz, Corona (who came back to the mission from ankle surgery), Valdez, Robertson, Carpenter, Faisal, and Serna.)
Thank you for these pictures President Hansen!

"These are pictures of the "then" (April 5th) new missionaries and their trainers."

Yeah Mom... it's weird that I have hit the 6 month mark on my mission. It's flying by way too fast. Tyler Bean is going to the MTC next week and he is going to LOVE Mexico! And Ryan is in Brazil and has been out a month. November will be here shortly and then Colton will be out. Time just goes by way too fast.

Please tell Brother Bryan hello for me. I have been thinking about him a lot lately. He was always such a great example to me. I actually use a lot of the things that he would talk about when we went Home Teaching- like the way that he approached & taught. I am using that and I am extremely thankful for him. Please tell him thank you and that I miss just talking with him. I love the Bryan Family.

We found some people to teach in one of our wards so that was good this week! Also, we have 2 baptisms this week... maybe 3. Elder Meza and I are doing great and loving missionary work. The computer I am on today is not cooperating so I won't be able to send pictures. We will try again next Monday. Love you Mom

What's up Tan-Man? Yeah man... the tacos here are really good! I love them! Yep... go for Texas and just Texas! I know that the chargers are going to be horrible because they were stupid and traded everyone. Continue to pray & read your scriptures. Love you bro

This week was great Colt! We are just working hard. Are you studying your spanish? If not, make the time to study it! (I know you're working long hours) When are you going through the Temple? Love you bro

Hey Cassidy- I'm glad you've had a better week. Remember what I said about loving those that are hurtful. What counts is that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. Just keep smiling and love everyone. I know that can be difficult. Have fun at camp and tell me how it went in your next letter. Love you sis

Hey Ty- That's cool! Last week of hard football. Wow- school starts soon. Enjoy your Senior year and don't slack off! Yeah, here the kids are the same as in Oklahoma. The young men down here are cool. A lot of them love to play sports. Love you bro

Hey Dad- I love that talk by President Hinckley. President Hansen uses it all the time. It's really inspiring to hear. I'll forget about the numbers and lose myself in the work. I know that the blessings will come. I can't think of anything for your FHE talk. I do remember our FHE chart/board with our responsibility that we rotated. That made it fun for me. I think we were happy when we had refreshment duty! haha! But really- it's just about being together as a family. I cherish those memories now. I'm sure that you are having a blast with all the Young Men. You're the right person for that calling. Have fun this week and tell everyone hello and thank you so much for everything. You & Mom are great examples to not only myself but my siblings. Love you Dad

Love you familia! Have a great week!
The Church is True!
Love- Elder Robertson