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Monday, August 2, 2010

I've hit the 6 month mark! (Letter 08-02-10)

(Since Elder Robertson was unable to send pictures this week, I've posted 2 pictures taken from President & Sister Hansen's blog. The first one is when a group of new Elders arrived in Mexico. President Hansen wrote, "And then, on April 5th, we got some great new missionaries. They are Elders Ruiz, Caudillo, Teliz, Corona (who came back to the mission from ankle surgery), Valdez, Robertson, Carpenter, Faisal, and Serna.)
Thank you for these pictures President Hansen!

"These are pictures of the "then" (April 5th) new missionaries and their trainers."

Yeah Mom... it's weird that I have hit the 6 month mark on my mission. It's flying by way too fast. Tyler Bean is going to the MTC next week and he is going to LOVE Mexico! And Ryan is in Brazil and has been out a month. November will be here shortly and then Colton will be out. Time just goes by way too fast.

Please tell Brother Bryan hello for me. I have been thinking about him a lot lately. He was always such a great example to me. I actually use a lot of the things that he would talk about when we went Home Teaching- like the way that he approached & taught. I am using that and I am extremely thankful for him. Please tell him thank you and that I miss just talking with him. I love the Bryan Family.

We found some people to teach in one of our wards so that was good this week! Also, we have 2 baptisms this week... maybe 3. Elder Meza and I are doing great and loving missionary work. The computer I am on today is not cooperating so I won't be able to send pictures. We will try again next Monday. Love you Mom

What's up Tan-Man? Yeah man... the tacos here are really good! I love them! Yep... go for Texas and just Texas! I know that the chargers are going to be horrible because they were stupid and traded everyone. Continue to pray & read your scriptures. Love you bro

This week was great Colt! We are just working hard. Are you studying your spanish? If not, make the time to study it! (I know you're working long hours) When are you going through the Temple? Love you bro

Hey Cassidy- I'm glad you've had a better week. Remember what I said about loving those that are hurtful. What counts is that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. Just keep smiling and love everyone. I know that can be difficult. Have fun at camp and tell me how it went in your next letter. Love you sis

Hey Ty- That's cool! Last week of hard football. Wow- school starts soon. Enjoy your Senior year and don't slack off! Yeah, here the kids are the same as in Oklahoma. The young men down here are cool. A lot of them love to play sports. Love you bro

Hey Dad- I love that talk by President Hinckley. President Hansen uses it all the time. It's really inspiring to hear. I'll forget about the numbers and lose myself in the work. I know that the blessings will come. I can't think of anything for your FHE talk. I do remember our FHE chart/board with our responsibility that we rotated. That made it fun for me. I think we were happy when we had refreshment duty! haha! But really- it's just about being together as a family. I cherish those memories now. I'm sure that you are having a blast with all the Young Men. You're the right person for that calling. Have fun this week and tell everyone hello and thank you so much for everything. You & Mom are great examples to not only myself but my siblings. Love you Dad

Love you familia! Have a great week!
The Church is True!
Love- Elder Robertson

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  1. Wow! Six months already! We better get another package out to you! So glad that things are going well in your mission. We love you and pray for you always. Love, Aunt Cari