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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Letter 07-26-10

Hey Mom- we had a baptism this week... a boy named Mario. His whole family are members except for his dad. He went to Youth Conference and loved it! He called us and said, "I want to get baptized." It was way cool! My mission in Mexico has been great and is getting better! Bad news, I have my camera with me but not my cord so I'm unable to send pictures this week. We are in Martinez de la torre and so I didn't think to bring it. The story with the bunny ears is that we were at an activity and I put them on and a little girl took my camera and took a picture. It was funny! Tell the Hansen's again how much I loved their package. It was great and everyone in my zone loved it too. Well, the gum! ha ha! I wouldn't give up my seeds! Zone conference was all the changes in the mission and we learned that we always need to be working and working diligently. I've had a great week and I'm glad to hear you had a good one too. Love you Mom

Hey Tan-man- I'm good & just busy. My companion is awesome. We get along great. He has a brother in this mission too. That's cool that the cousins came down and you had fun with them. That is way cool. The food is good. We eat a lot of tacos- like all the time. They are great! Love you bro- keep practicing basketball cuz you're going to get beat in a year and a half! ha ha! And keep reading your scriptures. Love you bro

Hey Colt- yeah- that is a good scripture. How's your spanish coming along? Things are great here. One question- are you going to beat my record of baptisms? You're going to love your mission. Just remember to work your hardest and with all your heart. Right now I have 27 baptisms. That's cool that the cousins came down. Keep up your hard work. Love you bro

Hey Dad- I heard that you hit a home-run every-time you got up to bat at the picnic. ha ha! That's my dad! Cool that President Southward asked about me. Tell him and Sister Southward hello for me next time you're at the Temple. I'm growing up so much here- more spiritual than anything. I love the work and the way that I work is with diligence. I'm glad that you had a good week. I had a good week- we had a baptism at the last minute and we got our bauti stricto it's when all the district baptizes. It's cool because it was my comps first one! Love you dad- thanks for all your support.

Hey Cass- Have fun at girls camp and let me know how it goes. Remember to treat those who are not so kind with Christ like love. I'm glad dating is going good but when i get back those boys are going to be scared because I'm going to be talking to them in spanish and confusing them! So, just warning you now. Cass- read all of The Book of Mormon by the end of the year. I have read it twice on my mission in 6 months. I know you can do it. Love you sis

Hey Ty- My week has been great. We had 1 baptism to a kid that is 15 years old. My new companion is great. Did you hit a home-run too? We played soccer for P-Day today. It was our zone activity. We played against the soldiers in Martinez and we lost- but they cheated! ha ha! I'll send you more pictures next week. I'm glad you all liked the pictures last week. Love you bro

Have a great week everyone. Always remember to pray daily and read your scriptures. Tell our ward Elders hello for me.

Love, Elder Robertson

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