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Monday, July 19, 2010

Letter 7-19-10

(We asked Elder Robertson for a picture of him wearing his glasses as we hadn't seem them on him. The picture with the bunny ears is an added bonus... ha ha! I'm sure it's from an activity. He didn't elaborate on it. )

I received my package from The Hansen's and I totally loved it!! Tell them thanks a ton! Elder Meza lives 5 hours from Colonial Juarez. Elder Gil was fine. He is ready to go home though, I think. He told me to always be thinking about my investigators. I will forever remember that. Elder Gil was transferred to Papantla (up North). Yeah, his mission ends in 3 weeks, I think. I'm going to work hard to get at least 101 baptisms. I have almost 30. We had 4 baptisms last week.

Mom-Wow! I love Grandpa's truck! I can't wait to see it in person. Very Sweet. Thanks for the pictures. Sounds like Grandpa had a great birthday!
I wrote President Bean and answered all of the questions. I'm sure they are excited for Tyler to begin his mission. I loved hearing from them last week.
That is awesome that you used my words in your RS lesson. It is always good to teach by and with the third companion, the Holy Ghost. But you also have to be worthy to have the Holy Spirit with you. We are doing good in Teziutlan and we are waiting and searching for people. We are really being patient. Guess what? Two people just showed up at church and said, "I want to learn more. When can you come and teach me?" It was AMAZING! We already have dates for them and they are really excited about getting baptized and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. It's amazing the blessings of being worthy to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Love you Mom and I'm so thankful for your example. Love you Mom

Dad- Diligence is the one thing that President Hansen loves and I need to be diligent in all that I do to be made Senior Companion, District or Zone Leader or AP. It is also necessary in my study if I just read something... it's not studying... it's just reading. But, when I study... I learn more... like spanish! Without studying... I wouldn't know the language at all. Hey, I am playing a lot of soccer here. We will play when I get back. Love you Dad

No Tanner... I haven't seen any rude people and yes the Thunder is going to win the championship next year. I'm good like always. I'm working hard and bringing souls closer to God and teaching with all my heart. I have heard that talk! It's awesome to teach! How's basketball? How tall are you now? Love you bro

My week was good Ty. We had 4 baptisms this week and we completed a family so I am way excited about that. You need to listen to mom and dad! Really! So how long are you grounded for? My companion is tight and he doesn't really speak english which is good because I can learn more spanish! Be good! Love you bro

Colton-My new companion is tight. He is really short and is really funny! He is from the Mexico Tampico Mission and he is new to the Mission Veracruz. So, I am basically his dad in the mission. Which is tight. I'm just working hard and finding families. I can't wait for you to go on your mission! You're going to have a blast serving! Love you bro. Keep reading your scriptures and keep studying your spanish.

Cassidy- who was your first date? Yeah- if you feel you are ready for your Patriarchal Blessing that is awesome! Yes, those boys that added you on FB are in my barrio here. One is going on a mission in August. That is cool. I bet you are way ready to go to girls camp. And that's really cool to hear you are 2nd Counselor in Laurels. What a blessing to have a calling. Love all the YW and be an example to them. se fuerte and always remember that you are a Daughter of God. Love su hermano meyor

Hey Close Family (my sister & her family)- I'm doing great here! I have a new companion that is great! I am really into soccer now (I never thought I would be) but it is way fun! I love playing on P-days. Everybody is amazed when I play basketball because I slam dunk it here! ha! I'm busy with lots of investigators and I was challenged to beat the gringo record of 101 baptisms by President Hansen. So, I'm working hard. Sounds like everything is great with ya'll. That's good that you're getting settled in. Moving is not fun. You should just move to Oklahoma... haha! But for the survey... 1- I love Reese's Fast Break. 2- idk what I can't get here so sorry on that one. 3- I love Pringles and they don't sell those here in Teziutlan. 4- Pudding cups would be great! I love ya'll (yeah, I'm from Oklahoma... haha!) Love, Elder Robertson

Wow Grandma! That is so true! It's so important to listen to the Spirit and to the men who hold the Priesthood. I'll bet the funeral was very spiritual and such an amazing experience! I love you grandma & grandpa! I love being a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The church was restored on this earth and I love to wear the name of Jesus Christ on my chest everyday. I love you all so much! Love, Elder Robertson

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