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Monday, July 5, 2010

Letter 07-05-10

Ty- That is sweet that you get to go on the canoe trip. Hope you all have fun! 52 miles... that's awesome! How's football? any schools looking at you yet? No new companion yet. I had 1 baptism this week so I'm now up to 23 baptisms. We went and played soccer today as a zone. It was so sweet! The computer that I am on right now is alright so I will try to send pictures. Love you bro.

Hey sis- I'm good. I am working hard and baptizing. I have 23 baptisms now. I don't have a new companion yet. I bet you are excited about camp. Just strive to be the best and to be the example to everybody there. You are going to have a lot of fun. ha ha- mom didn't forget and you couldn't buy fireworks this year! That is so funny when she caught you- actually all of us! Mexico is great! I don't want to go back to the States... I am loving my time here serving the people & the Lord. Seriously, the people are awesome! Love you sis

ha ha Colt! Clayton is so funny! Soon, he will know more about Peru than you do! When is your ward talk (farewell)? Has Bishop given you your topic yet? Just keep working and in the mornings study your scriptures and Preach My Gospel. That is awesome that you are working hard though. Mexico is awesome. Most people are very sad because they lost in soccer. Keep up the good work! Love you bro.

Tanner- That's awesome that you are going on the canoe trip! Have fun and don't cut your foot in the river (last scout outing Tanner went on he cut his foot open). Yeah dude.. dunk it (basketball) for me if you can. Tell Shad hey. Glad he's playing ball with you guys. ha ha- you miss my potatoes man?!? That's awesome!! I don't eat a lot of potatoes here. Continue this week with reading your scriptures and setting goals! Love you bro.

Hey dad- I had octopus today. It was actually pretty good. I liked it! We are baptizing and working so hard here. I set a goal for at least 100 baptisms, and I work everyday to accomplish that. I am working hard at studying the language and my scriptures. I love hearing your testimony. How's your calling going? Anything new? I know that If I continue to work hard and do what the Lord expects of me... I'll be good.

WOW! You are right mom, what a legacy that Uncle Forres has left for all of us. What a great role model! You know that he is with Aunt Carmen, his parents and siblings. What a reunion they are having in heaven! And I'm thinking of Jacob too. Hard to believe it's been 8 years. I agree with Aunt Caecie, he is serving his mission in heaven. Families are Forever. I love you Mom.

Tell the Murray family that I am receiving their Dear Elder letters and I will write them next Monday when I have a little more time. And thank you! The ward doesn't realize how special and important it is to hear from them. It really makes our day! ha ha- I love Nola and Ross! They are so cool. Tell her it shouldn't be a problem and I will call President Hansen today and explain about the package.

I was really happy to hear that Elder Hawkley is officially out on his mission. How blessed our ward is to have 2 Elders currently out... soon 3! Remind the ward family to write! You just don't know how important it is.

I am working hard to do everything that I can do to reach my goal of 100 baptisms. We are very busy here and it is an honor to represent Jesus Christ and our church. Remember to do you part by Keeping the Commandments, reading your scriptures, having personal and family prayer and also loving one another. The church is true! I love sharing it with my brothers and sisters in Mexico.

I love my family. I love you mom with all my heart. Tell everybody I love them and to write!

con mucho amor,
Elder Robertson

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