Veracruz Mexico Time

Monday, June 28, 2010

Letter 6-27-10

Hey Tanner! No new foods here. We eat a lot of tamales, tacos and eggs. I am up to 22 baptisms now, so I'm working hard to keep it up. Look up missionary work and look up the scriptures in D&C. Those scriptures are modern revelation to Joseph Smith about missionary work. Keep on reading & studying your scriptures. Hope basketball is good for you right now. Hope you have a good week. And are you going on the canoe trip? Love you bro.

Hey Cassidy! Happy 16th birthday! Have fun! I'll bet your room looks awesome. ha ha the dance was la fiesta themed? Did you have a pinata? Wow, youth leader at camp? That means that you have to be an example to all those girls that you are in charge of. You'll be great. I want you to read a scripture- Mosiah 13:20 and think about what it says. I love you so much sister.

Hey bro (Colt)! Happy Birthday! Hope it was great! That's a good job you have! Don't drop it! Do all that you can to keep that job as it's really good pay. Even if you go to church for Sacrament Meeting do it. And keep talking to your boss. I promise you, it will work out! Trust me. ha ha ha I loved the picture of you and dad with the sombrero hats! Oh, don't worry about having to eat guinea pig. Just try it! I have tried things here too. ha ha~don't worry about the food though, just eat a ton in the MTC and you'll be fine. I have 22 baptisms and I have 3 more this week so I'll have 25 by next Monday. read the scriptures that I told Tanner to read. It will help you in your mission and read the scriptures in Preach My Gospel. Do you have el libro de mormon? Start reading it in spanish to get your accent down. Even if you don't understand it. Love you bro. Keep up the good work and don't worry about the job thing. Pray for the right decision.

Hey Ty- it sounds like they need to announce the youth dances or send out reminders. It does sound like it was fun though. Man, the canoe trip will be so much fun for you guys. I can't wait to hear about it. Where are you guys going? And for how long? Hopefully you will get this job with Colton. That would be sweet. Love you bro- keep up the good work y se fuerte.

Hey Mom! My week has been good. We had 2 baptisms this week and we found out that one of my convert families are getting ready to go to the Temple to do baptisms for the dead for the first time. This is very exciting becuase in less than a year they will be sealed together in the Temple and I will be able to be there with them and see it! I am so incredibly stoked! Elder Gil is here for another week because the changes from the mission Tabasco are not until next week. So, I'm still going to be in Teziutlan. We have 3 baptisms for this week so we are working really hard to to make that happen. We are also working hard to get new investigators too. We contacted 140 people just to get 1 baptism. Elder Gil and I are working very hard on missionary work! That's pretty cool that Kirsti joined my blog. And tell Zach- Denver North! That's so awesome! He will need to know that this will bless him in all his life and that if she loves him then she will wait for 2 years and it's not the end of the world. That's cool dad loves his calling. I knew he would. Yep, I received Aunt Cari's package! I loved it and I loved the sunflower seeds and the poptarts! Tell them thank you and I love them very much! Their support means the world to me. ha ha Clayton is so funny. I love his little sayings. I laughed pretty hard when I read that! I'm happy they got their house! Love you Mom

Hey Dad- With the Young Men just keep them going to church and keep reminding them of the importance of serving a mission. If you engrave serving a mission in their minds, they will always remember that it is important to serve. Goals is something we teach people here in the mission. And how we need to work hard to achieve our goals and never fall short. Wow! How many missionaries are going to be serving? That is awesome that they will have a lot! Just keep the ball rolling and make sure the Young Men are being examples. I will hit my 5 month mark on July 3rd. Time is flying way too fast here. I don't want to leave. I love baptizing and teaching the people here in Mexico. I know that you felt the same way in Korea. Are you watching soccer? Tell Colton to start playing soccer again. I finally gave into soccer and I am loving playing it! ha ha weird huh?!? I love the pictures of the sombrero hats and your peace signs. ha ha! Love you dad- have a great week!

Love you family. Hope that you have a great Family Home Evening tonight. Remember to always be an example to those around you. The church is true and I love being a missionary and serving the people of Mexico.

con mucho amor,
Elder Robertson

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  1. Love reading these letters, Christy! Glad to hear Elder Robertson is doing so well. Our family wrote to him last FHE. Gotta love Had to buy a stamp to send the letter to my missionary nephew in Washington state :).