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Monday, June 21, 2010

Letter 6-21-10

What's up Elder Robertson?!? I told you Colton that you are going spanish speaking! That is so cool- Arequipa Peru!! Okay, so at the Provo MTC you do nothing but learn the prayer and how to bear your testimony for the first 3 weeks. Then at the Peru MTC you get to go out into the street and talk to people in spanish. You are going to have a blast!

ha ha! It was funny- President Hansen called me and said, "Your mom called and she loves you and oh, yeah your brother got his mission call! So do you want to play 20 questions or do you want me to just tell you?" So, I played 20 questions. I asked him everywhere and I finally gave up. Then he told me Arequipa Peru! I was so HAPPY the people here were all looking at me like- freaking gringo- ha ha! It is so awesome!! That's so cool man... we get to talk spanish even after our missions and we'll never forget the language! The spanish language is so cool! Ok, that is weird that you guessed your own mission. I don't think I know anyone that has guessed their mission, but it's cool you did! OK, so how many people were at the house when you opened your mission call? (about 40-50 people) entones como es la area de arequipa? You're going to have so much fun! What is the comida like? How big is your area? I'm so excited for you bro! You know, they don't eat tortillas in Peru. I didn't know that until I told people about your call. I can't wait to hear from you and start studying the conjugations now! That is the hardest thing to learn. Ask Uncle Travis or Uncle Curt for help. Uncle Curt told me a lot of things to help me with my spanish and it is working so ask for help now! Love you Elder!!

What's up Tanner? I know I heard today that the Lakers won. That's cool that you got a new missionary in the ward. I bet he is tight. I ate real chinese food today. There is a chinese guy that lives here and doesn't speak spanish or english. The food was really great! I don't know who my new companion is, but I will know on Saturday. I will miss Elder Gil. He helped me tremendously. He has been a great companion and a forever friend. That is awesome you are learning the prayer in spanish. Keep reading and studying your scriptures. Love you bro!

I'm doing good. We have 3 baptisms this week but we didn't baptize last week because the man didn't show up. How is football going Ty? When is your first game? Now, you'll have to serve a spanish speaking mission so you can talk with Colton and I after your mission. That would be sweet. Keep making goals and working hard. I promise you... the blessings will follow.

Hey Cassidy! What are you doing this summer? You'll be going into Laurel's in a couple of weeks. Talk to me sis... I want to hear what's going on with you.
Love your mejor hermano, Elder Robertson

Mom & Dad- That is so cool that Colton is serving spanish speaking! He is going to love it! The area in Peru is great!! I had a teacher in the MTC that served in Peru and she loved it and so will Colton. Has he talked to Sister Bellows yet? ha ha ha- he couldn't pronounce it! ha ha ha! President Hansen told me to repeat it and I did! Also, did you know that President Hansen was the district leader to the current mission President in Arequipa? That is pretty cool. Small church world, huh? Glad you were able to talk to Elder Ricks. He is awesome! He was born in Teziutlan just like me. One of his converts that he baptized, we baptized his son. He is awesome! Were you confused when the spanish Elder was talking? I knew Colton was going spanish speaking! I knew it! I prayed and I knew it! We are currently teaching 2 women named Dulce and Tania. We are teaching and getting ready for changes or transfers. I am working my hardest to become a leader amongst the other missionaries.

Love you family! Hope that your week will be great. I can't wait to hear from you next week. And it will be great if grandma and grandpa are able to visit you guys in Oklahoma! Again, felicidades Colton!

Con todo me amor,
Elder Robertson

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