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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mission Conference Pictures

(Here are two pictures taken from the Mission Conference May 26, 2010 courtesy of Elder Elrey & family. I am thankful for these as Elder Robertson has had some computer issues the past few weeks and hasn't been able to email pictures. It's not a big deal, but boy is it always fun to get them! The first picture is Elder Elrey (Cody's companion in the MTC) and Elder Robertson. The second is a picture of their District in front of the Mexico Veracruz LDS Temple. From what I understand all but 3 are being transferred to the new Villahermosa Mission. So, this is a very sweet picture to have. As a mother, it's fun to look at all of their faces and see how happy they are to be serving our Heavenly Father. What wonderful missionaries they are!)

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