Veracruz Mexico Time

Monday, June 7, 2010

Letter 06-07-10

Hey Mom- This week has been good! We had interviews in Martinez and we had a bautizona which is all the companionships in the zone had baptized this week... so it was awesome! We have 6 baptisms this week and it's part of the family we baptized 2 weeks ago. Their whole family wants to be baptized!!! That's weird that Colton's papers went in Saturday night, but you are right... everything happens for a reason. That's awesome that the Bishop got back and they were submitted. The good thing is that Tyler will be in town now and will be there when Colt's call is opened. That is awesome dad is speaking Sunday with Brother Tucker. I know they both will do great. How is the ward? I'm sure everyone is doing great! They need to write me! I wrote Alayna in Reno today. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get to her. That's awesome Aunt Norma's husband is a Bishop now. Wow, I love you so much mom. I hope that this letter is more detailed.. haha! Let's hope the pictures will get to you this week. Love you.

Cassidy- yo no quiero a escuchar cerca de su futuro novio o dating es no bueno! My week was great! We have 6 baptisms on Saturday and I am very excited! I hope that you have a wonderful week- you crazy girl! Love you lots sis!

Hey Colt- My week has been good! We had 23 lessons and we had 9 investigators attend church so they are all getting baptized. We walk a lot and we teach a lot so the spanish is getting better and better! Yeah, things happen for a reason and your call will be where you need to serve. Always remember that!! Have you been praying about your call? If not, you should pray every morning and every night... okay? Good luck with your job interview tomorrow. I'll bet you are just wanting to know where you'll be serving and can't wait to get going on your mission. It is the best! Love you bro- Have a great week.

Tanner-How many free throws did you make at basketball camp? ha ha baldy- stop bragging about how short your hair is! Yeah, go Padres... that's awesome! So, how is basketball and how is everything? The spanish is getting way better and we are baptizing like crazy here. We are teaching, contacting and walking a lot! The food is great! Nothing bad so far this week ha ha! The candy here is different but good. The people in the ward are awesome!! Love you bro-

Hey Dad- We are teaching a huge family and they are so great! They are getting baptized this week and I'm so excited for them! They are already paying tithing which is great! The big problems we work with are coffee and chastity but when people go to church they know that they have to obey the commandments! Thank you for bearing your testimony. Yo se que esta iglesia es verdadero y es guiado por un profeta thomas s monson el es un profeta de dios. Yo se que jose smith restaura la iglesia de jesucristo el fue un profeta de dios. Estoy muy agradecido por la expiacion de jesucristo. Estoy muy agradecido por el plan de salvacion y la oppurtunidad a vive con nuestro padre celestial y nuestro salvador jesucristo y me familia. te amo me familia con todo me corazon. Estoy muy agradecido for el sacerdoccio y la opurtunidad a bendice los personas. Yo se que dios encontrar respuestas a nuestros pregunatas. Se fuerte y tega fe. This is a little bit of my testimony en espanol. When we sustain our leaders we are showing respect for them and we know that they are called of God not by just some person. The leaders we sustain are there because they have the Priesthood to preach and to administer to the people. I love you dad.

Hey Tyler- How was your week in football? Is it hot in Oklahoma right now? You'll do fine... just start drinking a lot of water now! Don't let anybody push you back. Make a goal on how many sacks and reach it for this season. Goals are the only way we can do anything in this world. Love you bro- buenas suerte

I love you all very much. Call President Hansen when the call comes in. Colton, he is really excited! He guessed Veracruz Mexico and YES... it IS possible! :)

The church is true.
Con mucho amor-
Elder Robertson


  1. So uplifting to have a chance to read this every Monday and realize that the day to day stuff in my life doesn't matter... what does is that I bear my testimony and be a member missionary to help those around me feel the spirit. Thank you for inspiring me Elder Robertson. I love you! XO Aunt Cari

  2. We are so proud of Elder Robertson! I agree with Cari, reading Elder Robertson's words on his blog and seeing such humbling pictures makes you realize how small our own problems are. Thank you for always having such an awesome outlook on life and for sharing your testimony! I love you!
    Aunt Cheryl