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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 27, 2010- "Hurricane clean up"

Hey Family-

I'm great! My transfer was great! It was long. First we had to leave at 6 from Martinex de la torre then we made the 4 hour bus ride to Veracruz. This is where we met our companions. Yes, there is usually a person in your zone that travels to the same place as you. My companion is really cool! He is from Acapulco and he plays basketball. Hard to believe this... but he is a little taller than me! He reminds me of Tyler a lot. haha- he is way funny! My new ward is different but I really like all of them. I have an area of like 6x6 blocks. Really, really small. It is way different after coming from a huge area to the smallest area in the mission, but we have baptism dates so that is all that matters. I will send you pictures next week of my new companion and I.

This area didn't really get hit bad by the hurricane. We actually went with President and Sister Hansen to a place called Cardel- which really was destroyed. We were in Cardel for half a day on Saturday with a bunch of members of the church helping. We moved trees, dirt, house, everything that you can think of. I felt so sad for all the people that were there. They had water lines above the door. That is how high the water was. It was awesome to be able to help in the clean up efforts.

Tell Tyler that I loved his talk! I'm so glad you sent that to me. I will tell President and Sister Hansen that they were mentioned in the talk. No way... I can't believe that they (Tylers football team) lost by 1 point. That is so weak. It sounds like it was a great game & the boys they played are big farm boys too. Tell Tanner good luck in his game and that I'll be thinking about him. Tell Colton to listen good to Brother Widdison. It sounds like that will be a great FHE! Tell Cassidy to get well soon. Love you mom & dad. Have a great week and enjoy Conference. It is a blessing to hear from our Prophet and leaders of the church. The church is true.

con mucho amor-
Elder Robertson

Hey Grandma & Grandpa-

This week in Veracruz was really cool. Yes, it is way different because my area here is literally 10x's smaller than Teziutlan. We have an area of 6x6 blocks and that's all that we have. Not a lot of success here before. We found 2 new investigators. The people are really nice. I will actually be in the chapel next to the Temple during the conferences. That's great that you are doing missionary work grandma. You will get this awesome feeling inside when you are doing the Lord's work. Well, I hope you enjoy conference and I will be thinking about all of you.

Elder Robertson

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