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Monday, September 13, 2010

Letter September 13, 2010- "I love my family!"

Hey Colt- Isn't the Temple amazing?!? I love going to the Temple. I can't wait to go through with you after your mission. You are so close to being in the mission field. I am excited for you! Oh... and I have that exact same tie you wore to the Temple. Alayna Tovar sent it to me. That is so cool! Don't trade that tie with anyone! Hey, spanish is spanish and we will be able to understand each other. Keep up the good work and go to the Temple as much as possible. You look like a missionary in the pictures mom sent me. I loved them!! Everything is good in Mexico. We found a family and we are going to baptize them either this week or next week. I am so excited!! Love you bro

Hey Mom- Wow! Just a little more time and you'll have two sons in the mission field. How great a blessing to have two sons serving and doing the Lord's work. I'll bet the Temple was great. I wish I could've been there with everybody. And also for Tyler's Patriarchal blessing too. How cool. So glad to hear Tyler was a captain at this last football game and that they won! Please film one game so I can watch it when I get home. Hey mom- glad you're feeling better. Just be careful with all that medication. Mexico is great. Transfers will be coming up shortly and I will find out if I go and where I will be going. Love you Mom

Hey Grandpa & Grandma R. - Thanks for everything that you do for me and my family. I'll bet the Temple was amazing. That is so cool to have your grandparents go with you through the Temple. I loved having both sets of grandparents with me. Glad to hear that you both are doing well. Love you- Elder Robertson

Hey Auntie Eileen- Thanks for the advice! I love my mission and I am having great success! I love being a missionary and serving the Lord. The only bad part of the mission is that it goes by way too fast. I don't want it to end. Love you- Elder Robertson

Hey Dilla- I'm good! I'm doing the same thing everyday and loving it! That's awesome that you have 100% attendance in seminary. Seminary is a great way to start your day. It is a blessing. Glad you're doing good in school. You seem happier. I'm proud of you. Always read your scriptures and pray daily sis. Love you sis

Wow Dad- All those people went to the Temple with Colton. We have a great ward family and family. Soon enough you will have two sons in the mission. How does it feel to have two sons almost out in the field? I'll be you feel great because I feel awesome about it! That's cool that Ty was a captain! Thanks for everything dad. Your support and love are greatly appreciated.
Love, your son

Hey Tan- Thanks for the Texas schedule. Can't wait for them to beat Oklahoma again this year. How did your game go? I'm great. Just getting ready for changes and finding people to teach. How do you like seminary? What are you guys studying this year? That's awesome that you have 100% attendance. Keep it up bud. Love you bro

Hey Ty- Sounds like you had another great game. My week was great. We found some people that accepted their baptism dates. Man, film one of your games! I want to watch when I get back. So happy to hear that you received your Patriarchal Blessing. Awesome! Love you bro- keep knocking people down! haha!

I loved ALL the pictures! Tanner is huge- no way! And Colton looks like a missionary. Cassidy is all grown up. Tyler is huge, but that's normal hahaha! And mom and dad- you look happier than I've ever seen you! I am a happy missionary knowing my family is doing so well. I love the Lord. I love doing His work. And I love the people of Mexico. The church is true. Have a great week.

con amor-
Elder Robertson

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