Veracruz Mexico Time

Friday, September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010- Hurricane Karl

Hurricane Karl- picture taken from yahoo news
A woman so devastated after the storm- picture from yahoo news
Couple walks through a flooded street -picture taken from yahoo news

Hi Everyone! I just received a quick email from Elder Robertson. President Hansen wanted them to contact family & let everyone know they were okay. They are just "chilling" while the storm passes. Obviously they are not able to work in it right now. They are playing UNO with their district. Elder Robertson also wished his brother, Tyler, good luck at his football game tonight. What a brother! What he doesn't know is I just watched his brother on TV sack the QB- that was for you Elder Robertson!

At this time, we are all sending positive thoughts and lots of prayers to our Missionaries and the wonderful people of Mexico. As my niece Lindsey told me, "Aunt Christy- they are under the best protection possible right now." She is right. But the mom in me always worries.

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