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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 4, 2010... General Conference & A New Temple in Tijuana Mexico!

Elder Robertson
Elder Matadama
Cool Sunset in Veracruz

Hey Dad-
I loved the Priesthood session and this week was great! We were in zone conference and President Hansen was talking about how they (He & Sister Hansen) are our parents here in the mission, and they are here to help me and strengthen me. I love them! And at the Priesthood Session, I remembered always going with you and watching conference together. And this time, I was able to watch conference with President Hansen & President Hilton (The Temple President). It was so special. I felt like you were right there with me and I felt the Spirit so strong. I loved the talk about listening to your parents and the consequences you get when you choose not to. He didn't listen... and was bitten by a scorpion. And if we don't listen to the Spirit, we can get bit by Satan. I also like the fishing story and how Satan is just like a lure. We can let the fish go.. but Satan doesn't let go that easily. I love you and all the things that you do for me and our family. Thanks for everything dad. I love you. Love, Elder Robertson

Hey Mom-
I am sending pictures this week so look for them. They are pretty cool. I love Veracruz! I love the people in my ward and I love being right next to the Temple. I was able to watch Conference right next to the Temple. How awesome is that?!? Where did you all watch it? I did get to see President & Sister Hansen this week. We had zone conference and they both spoke. I had an interview and the first thing President Hansen said was, "I need 2 baptisms a week from you. How are you going to do it?" And I told him that I need to double the formula and work twice as hard. And he told me... well do it! We were also told that we need to go to all the people that were hit by the storm and do service and help them. I hope to teach them the gospel and the Plan of Salvation. So, that is what we are going to work on this week. I'm really excited to hear about your job! I love you mom and thanks for everything you do. Love, Elder Robertson

Hey Cass-
I loved the picture of you & Sister Murray. You are growing up so fast. Wait up and slow down a little bit-hahaha! My week is good. How awesome that we were able to hear the Prophet! And we had a great zone conference too. How was your week? Have a great week. I love and miss you sis. Love, Elder Robertson

Yeah Tanner, I'm going for Nevada to win this year. How cool that our hometown is tearing it up-haha! Padres always lose in the playoffs. When does basketball start? Tear it up at your game tonight and get a touchdown for your brother in Mexico! Love you bro- Elder Robertson

Hey Colt-
That's awesome that you are gaining muscle because you are going to lose it in the mission. Guess what? There is a missionary in my zone from Arequipa Peru. I was talking to him and he said that Peru es muy bonito pero no hay tortillas el dijo que tu vas a amor esta area y vas a aprender muchos cosas alla. I can't remember in English so I wrote it in Spanish. That's an awesome talk man! Send me it when you have it completed. I'm doing fine and I'm challenged by President every week so I'm staying busy. Love you bro- Elder Robertson

Hey Ty- Just shove those fat tight ends into the ground! haha! Wow! You guys really killed them. Good luck in your game this week and get more sacks so that colleges will look at you. Think of something that makes you mad and just utilize that on the other team. My week has been good. I loved conference and zone conference so much! I love being a missionary and serving the Lord. You'll love serving the Lord someday. Love you bro- Elder Robertson

Hey Grandma & Grandpa-
All the Elders from the Tijuana area were so happy to hear that there is going to be a Temple built. It was so cool to see the looks on their faces and the happiness that showed. I loved that talk by Elder Holland. It touched my heart. My favorite was in the Priesthood Session where they told us to listen to the Spirit. And I had the opportunity to watch the Priesthood Session with the President of the mission and the Temple President. It was so awesome! That would be so awesome if you could go with Colton in 2 weeks. He would love to see and be with his grandparents at his farewell. I love you and I love the work of our Heavenly Father. I love all the people in Mexico and I know that Colton will love all the people in Peru. Love you Grandma & Grandpa! Love, Elder Robertson

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