Veracruz Mexico Time

Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11, 2010- "Colton's Farewell Weekend & The Blessing of Missionary Work"

Veracruz Mexico LDS Temple
Veracruz & sunset
Another amazing sunset in Mexico

Hey Dad- That's great that Tanner got 2 touchdowns on only 2 receptions. What a baller! Dang, that stinks that Ty is out for 4 games. I'm so glad he didn't have to have surgery. Wow, everyone is coming in on Wednesday. That's so awesome! What a special experience for Colton and for the family. Thanks for everything that you do for me and for the church. How's your calling going? Have a good week with the family and I'll be with you all in Spirit. Love you. Love, Elder Robertson

Hey Colton!
Wow... it came up fast, huh? That's awesome that everybody is coming down to see you. You're going to send me a copy of your talk, right?!? Have fun this week with the family and be safe. Love you bro. Just keep up the good work and keep your eyes straight to God. Can't wait to hear your talk. Everything is good here. Just working and trying to find new investigators. Love you bro

Hey Ty-
That just sucks that you can't play. I bet everybody is really bummed out. I hurt my ankle. It's really swollen but I'm still working hard and fighting through the pain. Have fun with the family and rest and get better. Love you bro

No maches Tanner usted dijo que va a meter una touchdown. que chido que va a jugar en varsity. a Nevada es 19 que padre. hahaha le gusta comer y beber aqua y jugo. hahaha Hey it's not practicar deportes it's jugar deportes for next time. haha gracias por su foto. me gusta mucho. gracias tenga muy buena noche. con amor- Elder Robertson

Hey Cass-
Congrats on your A's and B's! Keep working hard in school. And I'm so happy to hear that you will receive your Patriarchal blessing! What a special blessing to have. I'm good. This area is really cool and really hot so I'm doing good. Glad to hear that you have started to read the Book of Mormon. Try reading it in Spanish. hahaha! Have fun with Clay, Sarah, Aunt Cheryl, Jaecie, Aunt Caecie, Grandma and all the Robertson's. I will be there in Spirit and thinking of all of you. Love, Elder Robertson

Hey Mom-
I sent you a picture of the Veracruz Temple and 2 pictures of the amazing sunsets here. Thought you'd like to see them. Yes, conference was great to spend with President Hansen. The hurricane clean up was really fun and humbling. We received a lot of references too. Thanks for sending the package. For now, just be with Colton and worry about getting him taken care of right now. I am fine. Yes, I can last until November. Well, I want to transfer my pictures to a memory but I don't want to send the memory sticks because I'm afraid that they will get stolen. Dad should know what I need and I appreciate it. I really miss Reeses fast break bars and I don't know what else other than my contacts. Mom, you will be fine. I know you love us so much and it's hard to let us go but like you said, "This is where you put your faith and trust in the Lord." Remember that we (missionaries) are blessed with the Spirit and with protection when we leave our houses. Serving a mission is blessing not only to each of us, but to our families. Just know we love you in return. What an awesome experience and blessing to have 2 sons serving the Lord. Enjoy this time with your sisters, nephews, nieces, parents, brother & sister in laws and grandma and grandpa. Thank you for everything! Love you Mom


  1. Just wanted to say hello and congratulations on your transfer to another mission! I'm sure you have mixed emotions.... You are such an amazing missionary and the Lord is so proud of the work you are doing- as is your family :-) Keep it up! We love you! It was great to see the family and Colton before he went to the MTC. You boys are amazing!! Glad to hear you are doing so well!

    The Thurgoods

    Guyla, Jason, Naomi, A.J. and Ty :-)

    PS- Love all the pics!!

  2. hi!
    I love the Veracruz´s temple
    I´m from Veracruz city and I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints.

    thanks for the pictures