Veracruz Mexico Time

Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010

This is Elder Robertson and a missionary serving in Veracruz Mexico that is originally from Arequipa, Peru. This is where Elder Robertson's little brother is serving his mission! Elder Robertson enjoyed talking with him and learning about the area Colton will be serving.

Hey Mom- I'm glad everybody asked about me and saw the pictures. I was thinking about Colton's talk the whole Sacrament meeting here in my ward. I loved Colton's talk and it was just awesome to hear how much of an influence I have been to him and to everyone. That is awesome that they sung the same special musical number at Colton's that they sung at my farewell! I love that song. I really miss dad. I miss playing basketball with him and love how much of an example he is to me. We are teaching a girl named Itzel. Her grandma is a member and she is ready to be baptized. We haven't had much luck of success here, but this last Sunday we had 5 investigators en la capilla. It was awesome. I can't think of anything else to put in the package, just solution with the contacts. Love you Mom & Dad

Hey Colton- I loved your talk! I almost cried reading it but I was surrounded by a bunch of mexicans so I couldn't let them see a big gringo crying. It would ruin my reputation! haha! Glad that the open house was great and how cool was that to give a blessing! Now you need to learn the blessing in spanish! You can do it! Everything is good with me. Just working to try and find investigators because I don't want to blank this month. We have an investigator for the 30th of October so we should be good with that. Love you bro. You're a brother and you'll be an excellent missionary.

Hey Tanner- Triste Nevada- no way! They lost to Hawaii? But OU is #1- at least it's a big 12 team. Do good in your game this week. Continue to read your scriptures and progress in Duty to God. Love you bro.

Hey Ty- How's your leg? Rest so you can play again. haha Uncle Mike is so funny! I love my new area but it's difficult at times. Continue to be an example to those around you. You are always watched. Love you bro.

Hey Cass- I heard that you received your blessing! It's so awesome to have your blessing- it's spiritual and it will guide you throughout your life. I have 31 baptisms so far but still lack my meta. Love you Cass and give Molli loves. Love you sis.

Hey Aunt Caecie- Glad that you had a great time with the family and friends in Oklahoma. I know that Colton is ready. We just need to put him in the MTC now and send him off. Love you tia!

Hey Aunt Cheryl- I've been thinking about you too. I wrote you but you didn't get it- I think. Thanks for everything and I'll kepp you in my prayers. You are always in them. Hope that you have a great week and travel safe. Love you tia!

Hey Grandma- It's okay that you wrote me twice! I love it! I loved Colton's talk and I love that you were all there to be with him. I'll write you more in your other letter. Love you Grandma

Hey Annie- My mission is awesome and I love it! I don't want to go home because I love Mexico so much! The people and food are amazing. I love it here! Continue to go to church and you will be blessed. Love you cousin

Uncle Mike- estoy muy agredicido que tienes una gorra bien chido con mucho amor elder robertson

Hope everything is great! I can't wai tto hear from you all next week.

con mucho amor-
Elder Robertson

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