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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Letter 3/24/10... The Lost Package

Dear Family,
I haven't received my package yet, but I'm sure it will be here today or later this week. When did you send it? (We sent the package on March 17th... where is it? Please pray that this package will get to him. It contains his glasses which are much needed!!)

That's good to hear that Tyler is doing good after his surgery. I'll keep Colton in my prayers. It's good that he's getting all this done early for his mission. Cassidy is going to make a great Mia Maid President! Tanner, thanks for the basketball updates! Everyone in my district loves March Madness and I am the only one that gets updates (obviously that is what little brothers are for). It's good your spanish is going good. By the time I get back, we will be able to converse in spanish! Very cool!

It is snowing here a lot and nobody really likes it. It will sure be a different story in 2 weeks!

Please tell Brother Bastian and Brother Leeper that I am sorry for their loss. I am praying for them.

Yep, I got some awesome cookies from Aunt Norma. I am writing her a thank you note later today. I'm also asking her to give Trevor my address and say "hi" for me. He is very cool. I will look forward to meeting him someday.

Bishop and the Hawkley family sent me some of their famous rice krispie treats with chocolate on it. They were pretty awesome! I heard about Ryan's mission call. That is pretty sweet that he is going to Brazil. There are a whole bunch of Elders going to Brazil on our floor. Ryan will do great.

Congratulations to Lexi for making the JV dance team.

I had the pleasure of meeting Uncle Curt's Mission President a week ago. He is pretty cool. I told him where I was serving. He also asked me to tell Uncle Curt hello.

We had the opportunity of hearing from a member of the seventy and he told us how we need to build our testimony for those that we are going to teach. I always look forward to hearing from our leaders. I relay to you all that you might take it into your daily lives. Keep building your testimony!

I am doing my best. I love each and everyone of you. Keep me updated on everything through dearelders. I love those!

Elder Robertson

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