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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Elder Robertson!
We miss you but know you are loving life serving the people of Mexico! So thankful for you and your example.
Mom & Dad

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  1. Dear Elder Robertson: Even though you won't read this until you come home, I wanted to tell you that I prayed all day for you to feel our love on your birthday. I was so humbled when at church the sacrament talks were about missionary work, the atonement and following the prophet. It made me feel so close to you. Like you knew I was praying for you. You are such a choice spirit of our father in heaven. I remember when you were born... you always were such a special part of our family and I am so proud of you. Know that I love you and wished you "Happy Birthday" from afar...
    Love, Aunt Cari