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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The First Two Weeks in the MTC

** I've combined his first 2 emails into one letter. **

Hi Family,

The MTC is great! Colton will love it here. My companion is Elder Elrey from Tucson, Arizona. He is cool. We have a great district. 7 others are going to Veracruz and 2 are going to Trujillo, Peru... pretty sweet. My other roommates are cool. They are from Utah and going to Argentina. The first day we just found out where everything was and how everything went. I only get to email once a week, every Wednesday. I have 30 minutes to write. I'll be sending letters also. The first week up until Sunday was long but after Sunday things have just been flying by. The teachers here are really cool! They give us books on spanish that help us with making appointments and the lessons. So basically the basics. But you pick up on things. My spanish is the coming along. I know that the Spirit helps us learn the language. I have learned to pray, bear my testimony and to contact people in spanish. I am learning so much about the gospel and can't wait to share it with the people of Mexico. It is such a wonderful experience, especially when the General Authorities come and give devotionals.

The food here is pretty good most days but some days it is horrible lol. I am loving the green chili packets Aunt Eileen sent with me. I just pour it on the food to make it taste better.

Yeah, I know I forgot my Texas shirt... what a bummer!

We are going to the Temple today so I will think of all of you.

You guys can write me everyday/often on Lindsey has written me twice so stop slacking! jk

Tu Amor,
Elder Robertson

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  1. So wonderful to now have this way to follow what's going on -- love to all you Robertsons!